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Bodega Bay Beat - January 2015


Bodega Bay Beat - January 2015

by Joan Poulos

December was the month that Mother Nature reminded us who was in charge. After a beautiful day December 4, when the dedication of Bodega Bay Coastal Prairie Trail was held, the weather turned on us, if only to remind us that we should learn to enjoy whatever the weather.  At least we are not shoveling snow in order to get to the grocery store. In fact, more rain is still needed.

The dedication was lovely. This portion of the trail, which eventually will go all the way to Salmon Creek, is a welcome addition. In addition to the big wigs, like Supervisor Efren Carrillo and Regional Parks Director Caryl Hart, and Liz Burko, Superintendent of California State Parks, we were honored by the presence of Reg Green, father of Nicholas, whose death led to a new movement in Italy to donate organs so that critically ill patients might have life or better health and is the impetus for the bell tower.

I was lucky enough to be present at the initial dedication of the tribute, and shared the day with the many dignitaries, including the Ambassador from Italy, who acknowledged the wisdom and courage of the Green family to allow their great loss turn into hope for many others in various Italian villages. Many of those villages donated a bell from their churches, and the large bell was blessed by the Pope. The wonderful design was donated by a San Francisco artist and even today many parents who have

critically ill children make the trip to the bell tower to pray for their own children. Now that the new path makes the monument more accessible, many who have health issues will find it easier to spend a few minutes looking up at the big bell and finding hope from the sacrifice of others. It has become a good site to pray for international peace, too.

Then there is our little Christmas tree. We hope that it got up, but as we go to press the weather had been so bad that the skiff couldn’t safely go out to the breakwater to put the little tree up. We continue to hope for its cheery contribution to the Christmas season.

Early this month a very successful Disaster Preparedness Drill was held.  The turnout was good, and the volunteers spread out over the entire area to practice skills that would be extremely useful in the event of an emergency.  There are several sheds spread out from the Harbour, to Bodega Bay School (for old town) Sereno Del Mar and Salmon Creek. Identify where your closest shed is. We, on the Westside, are still looking for a site. Any volunteer would be welcome. The ham radio operators did well; in the event of a total power outage they would be the only communication available (what would we do without our cell phones?) The drill was followed by an excellent barbecue lunch put on by Patty and Paul Ginochio. As usual, the food was excellent as was the organization. Kudos to Mike Osborne.

No Sing Along this year.  The two local churches decided to support the annual visit of the Asante Choir and join for the concert held December 19 at the Bodega Bay Church. The children from Botswana, Ruwanda and some from other African countries, raise money for orphanages and to help the children in their respective countries. Pat Parks, at Bodega Bay Church is really the power behind the local visit and makes sure the concert happens and that the children choir members are taken care of. Good job, Pat.

The Bodega Bay PTA held its annual community Christmas party. Santa made his yearly appearance, and promised (in both English and Spanish) to “See What He Could Do” to all the requests of the children.

The tree, a joint project of the Grange and the PTA, was lovely and set the stage for a joyful repast.

November found many of us in an emergency situation because of a power surge. It got us thinking about who would we call? This led to a partial list of “Cavalry”(without horses) who would ride to the rescue in Bodega Bay. For help with your computer, call Jade Paterson. For plumbing, call River Plumbing. For an electrician (so long as he’s not out crabbing),  Dick Ogg (Wine Country Electric). For a sick pet, Dr. Michael Trapani, for an office problem, Shona Weir at Business Services Unlimited. For a smoking chimney, Eric Crumley, and if you need a ride, Sonoma Concierge. If you just HAVE to get your hair done, Sebastopol is not that far.  Shirley DeFanti of Shirley’s Hair Design at The Cutting Edge on Healdsburg Avenue is excellent. You will probably see lots of your Bodega Bay neighbors there, too since we no longer have a hairdresser in Bodega Bay.

There are lots of good folks not mentioned here, but one final local hero. Last week a big boat called Spud Point and said a small boat was taking on water. Noah Wagner, who was busy with the storm damage and the algae over the road, told Henry Gonsalves, Marine Attendant.  Henry took over, rushed out to the boat (whose owners live 5 hours away) and saved the boat. Without Henry, the boat would have been lost.  Another local hero. Good job, Henry.

These are the kind of neighbors that make Bodega Bay the place we love.  I hope all of them, and you, had a good Christmas, and that you will make it a point to take out a few minutes and join me in a prayer for PEACE in 2015. Each of us, in our own way whether it is turning off excess lights, picking up some trash on the beach, or trading in our shotguns for a camera, can make this a better place this year. May 2015 be a year of peace and prosperity. Best wishes to all, and thanks for reading. Be safe.