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Springs Splash - Thomas Martin - January 2015


Springs Splash - January 2015

by Tom Martin

“The Springs in 2015? Here’s what I think…!”

Pot holes, highway completion, and beautification dominate annual citizen responses regarding hopes for 2015.

Roseanne Fanucci: I look forward to the opening of a diverse group of restaurants in the Springs. Let’s enliven this place. The Arch! What does the Arch stand for? Let’s paint one side, “Welcome to the Springs,” and on the other, “Leaving the Springs – Come Back”

Maile Daly: Finish the highway. Make it safe for my children. We need sidewalks. We need greater protection for kids going to the two elementary schools. Cars whiz by my kids in a frightening way. Fix the pot holes. “I should be on the Board of Supervisors!”

Tom of Sonoma: We need more hiking space, open areas for children. No fluoridation! Provide more sandboxes for adults; promote more adult free play.                                                                

Ms. Glenn Graham: I would like to see the Sonoma Golf Course become public once again! At one time it was a community center.                                                       

Felipe Sanchez: Complete the highway. Keep the Springs small!

Susan Gorin, Supervisor: I'm excited that in 2015, our Highway 12 infrastructure will FINALLY be completed, the Sonoma Springs affordable housing project will have been started, and we are beginning to come together to develop a vision for our future - a community to live, shop and play.                              


Juan Zaragosa, Sonoma Family Fitness: It’s important to see more people involved in improving their health. The roads need fixing. Clean up the trash. Let’s make things presentable when people come through our community. Improve the Springs’ image.  No standing around on the sidewalks by the Blue Moon apartments. Less public drinking.

Margarita Baron: One thing I would like to see in the Springs is a Community Center where moms can go and do many different kinds of activities with their little ones.

Shayla Finato: I would like to see less violence. Add more stop signs on back streets, not just Highway 12. 

Linda Vaccareza: Road improvements to make it safer and easier to get to the City bike trail from the Springs. 

Katy Byrne: My holiday wish for The Springs in 2015 is to see us join together as neighbors. It takes a village! 

Lourdes Alvarez: I hope to see sidewalks all the way to Agua Caliente.

Petaluma Visitor at Sonoma Salon: There should be cleaner streets so it is inviting to visit the Springs. Make the Springs an extension of Sonoma.    

Carl Hand: Do something with the Arch. It’s a landmark indicating something half done. It’s a reminder that the best laid plans sometimes don’t come to fruition.

Greg Gonzales: I like the murals and fresh paint on the Iniguez Market and Armandos. Improve Highway 12; remove pot holes. Get rid of sewage smells from Boyes Blvd. to Monterey Avenue.

Servando Plascencia: Fix Riverside Drive’s potholes. It’s difficult to drive. Looking forward to the completion of Highway 12 to Agua Caliente. Make it look as good as from Boyes Blvd. to Sonoma.   

Anna Frausto: I hope to see improvements to Boyes Blvd. Fix the bridge.

Lisa and Katrina Dwelly: We hope they fix the potholes in our roads. They are really bad. A very important asset for our community to be preserved is the SDC. My great grandmother used to work there. 

Marco Dalakiaris, Fruit Basket: I hope to see a bike path on Highway 12.

Teresa Chavez: I hope to see the pavement improved. There are some really bad pot holes. I’d like to see me grow. I’d like to see improvement in the Code of Conduct at SVHS. 

Lizbet Ruiz: I hope to see a homeless shelter for needy people where they will be provided food.

Mario Castillo, El Verano Community School Parent Engagement Coordinator: For the new year, I hope we get more social justice. This would require income equality, true civil rights, a sustainable living wage, affordable housing, affordable medical care, racial and gender equality and educational opportunities, to name a few. For our families to be vibrant and self-sufficient in our community, I hope for an approach that includes self-advocacy and education, which I believe, will provide people with the skills needed to thrive and advance. Thank you for Caring.