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Is a Vegan diet a new discovery or an ancient way of living?


Is a Vegan diet a new discovery or an ancient way of living?

We all know and have heard from different angles for so long that including vegetables in our diet is good for our health. There is no doubt that vegetables and fruits contribute a lot to our health, however, incorporating a vegan diet (No meat and dairy) on a regular basis in to our diet is very good for our digestive system and is a more balanced approach to a more balanced diet.

A vegan diet is not a new diet; it is an ancient way of living. In a Mediterranean diet many of the dishes don’t include meat, butter, eggs or milk. Therefore in some days of the week, the meal is completely vegan. I grew up on such a diet myself. Although meat is not excluded from the Mediterranean diet, it is not a must have dish on the daily list of menu for the majority of the population, neither it is consumed three times a day.

In some parts of ancient nations, people eat vegan for up to 40 consecutive days every year. They fast from meat and dairy products for the purpose of attaining spiritual fulfillment. In addition to the 40 days, they fast two days a week every week throughout the year in the same manner. It means in any given week, for two of the seven days they eat vegan. This type of fasting is mostly related to the Daniel fast in the Bible. 

I don’t need to convince you in the fact that your digestive system has to work hard to process meat and dairy products, and they add to your waist line and make you less energetic; neither will I deny that meat and dairy products provide us with essential protein, and essential nutrients, but eating meat and dairy products on a daily basis does more harm than good.

The key is moderation. We need to give our body a break from this hard task of processing meat and dairy products on a regular basis, to give it a chance to rejuvenate itself and get it ready for another day of hard work.  Giving up the things we love at once can be very difficult, but taking one step at a time is achievable. We can give our body a break by replacing some of our meat and dairy dishes with a vegan dish at least once or twice a week.

Gursha Catering is established on the basis of such belief, and has been providing delicious vegan plates for the last 3 years to our community.  Those who joined us in this health quest have been grateful for the service we have provided. We truly believe that good food is a healing agent and healthy can be delicious. For more information about our services you can check us at