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Restoring Confidence with a SMILE


Restoring Confidence with a SMILE

Has anyone made you smile today? Imagine how different your day would be if you were so self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth that you were afraid to smile. Now imagine trying to enjoy a meal, when each bite you take causes you severe discomfort. These feelings of embarrassment and pain are a daily reality for many Sonoma County residents who suffer from serious dental problems.

This reality is about to change for one deserving Sonoma County resident named Patrick Walsh, thanks to Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery’s “Second Chance Program.”

Patrick Walsh, 32, has suffered with oral health issues his entire life. After developing a tooth infection at a young age, his oral health declined due to lack of proper care and oral health education. Over the years, the pain became so intense that he couldn’t tolerate brushing, so he stopped. This in turn, led to decay, tooth loss and breakage.

Today, Patrick eagerly awaits the oral surgery and dental restorative procedures he will receive as part of the “Second Chance Program,” which will work to restore his mouth functionally as well as esthetically. The procedures will enable him to once again smile with confidence and enjoy foods that he has not been able to eat for years.

“I’m absolutely floored,” said Patrick. “The gravity of the situation hasn’t sunken in yet and I can only imagine how this will change my life. To have the confidence to open my mouth and feel assured knowing that my wife and children will no longer have to answer questions about why my teeth are the way they are is just incredible.”

For more than 60 years, Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery has been giving back to the community by providing pro-bono care to hospital patients, patients with traumatic injuries or those in desperate need. Now, Doctors Leonard Tyko, Christopher Daniel and David Trent are looking forward to taking this to the next level by not only relieving pain and fixing acute problems, but by providing a long-term comprehensive solution for Patrick.

“Three months ago, we introduced the Second Chance Program and began the search for our inaugural patient,” said Dr. Tyko. “A significant number of people applied who were all deserving of care, so the decision was heart-wrenching. All the patients made an impact on our team; however, all things considered, Patrick was our unanimous choice. “

The Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery team, along with partners that include local prosthodontist, Matt Anderson, DMD, and Straumann Implants, will provide care for Patrick throughout the process. This begins with removing diseased teeth and then placing Straumann dental implants to provide anchorage for a relatively small, modified denture that is screwed into the implants. This is the first phase of a program that will continue to provide Patrick with health education that is aimed at improving his health and lifestyle.

“From the time I came in for my consultation to the day I discovered that I was selected as the recipient for the Program, it has been a true eye-opener for me,” said Patrick. “I realize what I need to do to better my health. It has brought about a better attitude and made me want to improve my behavior and health on so many levels.”

The opportunities presented to Patrick through this program will provide him with personal and professional growth to lead him towards a healthier, happier life. The Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park Oral Surgery team, along with community partners, will work with Patrick to help him improve his dietary habits, as well as his overall oral hygiene and health practices.

“As oral surgeons, we never undertake such an endeavor alone,” said Dr. Tyko. “There are many key people on our team who contribute to a successful outcome. This is no small effort and we are so grateful to have community partners on board who are as excited as we are to provide Patrick with this transformation.”


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