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Crossing the Jordan - Funding our Programs through Commerce


Crossing the Jordan - Funding our Programs through Commerce

By Dana Bryant

It isn’t easy deciding to change your life...walking away from all that is familiar twhether it was good for you or not, and gaining the courage and strength to face your fears. Yet the extraordinary women and children at Crossing the Jordan have made the decision to do exactly that.

Crossing the Jordan Foundation operates 3 program facilities that include over 50 residential beds with the mission to provide housing, hope and a whole new life.  The 18-month residential Christ-centered “Life Transformation Program” is funded by the proceeds of 3 retail thrift store locations, a large exporting operation, and Sonoma Mountain Marketplace

Crossing the Jordan successful womenThrough their industries and now the Marketplace, each of these women is given the opportunity to discover their gifts and talents.  Job and life skills training occur in many departments with the goal to offer them a career in a position that brings them joy, peace, purpose and passion.

We are a family. No one just graduates.  We continue to operate just like a growing family does.  Yes, graduates move out and on but stay connected.  Graduates and women still in the programs are sisters.  They look after each other’s children, pick them up for school…it’s just beautiful. Michael Bryant, my husband and co-founder explained, “They don’t just graduate from a “program” but instead to a community in which they serve.” 

Crossing the Jordan and Sonoma Mountain Village

Through a series of events, Crossing the Jordan was given a unique opportunity to create a family-friendly shopping district at Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO) in Rohnert Park.  We provide training and career opportunities for women and children in the program, including a wide variety of on-the-job skills in management, entertainment & restaurant experience.

The Marketplace at Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO) in Rohnert Park is committed to bringing family fun entertainment to the community. Local merchants sell everything from artisan handmade crafts, antiques, clothing, electronics and household goods, farmers market produce, baked goods, chocolates, spices and plants. 

A children’s train ride is now open, and the latest addition Joy Town is scheduled to be fully complete in April of 2015. Joy Town will offer birthday parties including themed party rooms.  An indoor playground, an expanded Arcade, LAN Parties, Spa & Glamour Parties for tweens are also coming soon.

Crossing the Jordan is 100% community-supported with no government funding.  Top-level managers are graduates, a testimony to their success.  We salute those in the program and the extraordinary, amazingly talented graduates that choose every day to give back to the next hurting woman and child, never forgetting the blessing of the new life they chose.

Crossing the Jordan would like to thank all of our supporters. When you shop at one of our stores or visit the Marketplace just know that in doing so, not only are you changing lives, you are supporting your local community in a fun-filled environment. We’ll be adding more attractions, virtual rides, stores and restaurants as we continue to grow!