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Fit ‘N’ Furry Unleashes Supervised Indoor Dog Park in Petaluma


Fit ‘N’ Furry Unleashes Supervised Indoor Dog Park in Petaluma

Full service pet resort introduces new, safer alternative to public dog parks

Fit ‘N’ Furry will opened their new indoor dog park at 860 Lindberg Lane in Petaluma. Dog owners will be able to exercise their energetic pets in a climate controlled, lighted area with certified daycare handlers and dog trainers, who will be on hand to supervise play and teach owners how to translate their dog’s body language.

Many dog owners are hesitant to let their pets participate in public play areas due to worries about unsanitary conditions, unvaccinated animals, and problem behaviors. Fit ‘N’ Furry will remedy these concerns through this new program not only by cleansing the play rooms thoroughly beforehand, but also by verifying vaccines and conducting temperament evaluations to ensure compatibility within the play groups.

Fit n Furry dogs with trainer at indoor dog park

Of the new program, Lead Trainer Natalia Kataoka says, "Conditions at public dog parks can be hazardous, especially if people are not informed about appropriate play behaviors or how to safely diffuse or recognize aggressive displays in their dogs. There are also no professionals assessing who is, and is not, suitable for off-leash play groups so by offering a more structured and supervised alternative, we can hopefully give owners the tools they need for when they do want to let their dogs play in public.”

Features include:

- Pet professionals trained to supervise off-leash play groups.

- Play groups separated by size of dog.

- Sanitized, heated, & well lit alternative to outdoor, public dog park.

- Learn to read your dog’s body language to ensure safety.

Fit ‘N’ Furry: Fit ‘N’ Furry is a full-service pet resort based in Petaluma, CA. Founded in 2007, Fit ‘N’ Furry offers a full range of pet services, including doggie daycare, boarding for dogs & cats, grooming for dogs & cats, and dog training. Fit ‘N’ Furry has received awards in all departments from the Petaluma People’s Choice Awards, A List Best of the Bay, and the North Bay Bohemian.

For additional information please visit our website at, or call us at (707) 769-7387.