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Sonoma County asks for Disaster Assistance from State


Sonoma County asks for Disaster Assistance from State

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors ratified the proclamation of a local emergency announced by the County Administrator on Thursday, December 11th.  The proclamation was made as the December 2014 Winter Storm hit Sonoma County, causing power outages and creek, stream and river flooding, producing damages preliminarily estimated at $17 million. 

The Board’s action included authorization for the County to request that Governor Brown provide resources under the California Disaster Assistance Act.  At the meeting, the Board thanked the County’s state delegation, Senators McGuire and Wolk, and Assemblymembers Dodd, Levine and Wood, for joining the County in requesting disaster assistance from the Governor.   

The ratification will continue the local emergency for 30 days, and make available to the County and its cities state and local mutual aid, as well as allow for any state emergency funding that is made available.  It also waived County permitting fees for the repair of storm-related damages.  The waiver will be in place for permits initiated by April 30, 2015.     

The County remained open for regular business throughout the storm, as have the vast majority of local businesses, hotels, and restaurants.  All Regional Parks alng the Russian River will reopen.  Regional Parks will continue to provide updated information on their Facebook page.  Almost all storm-related road closures have been cleared by Transportation & Public Works.  Up to date road closure information can be found at:

Shelter Information

While the storm-related temporary shelters and shelter expansions have ended, many shelters continue to provide services throughout the County.  The latest information on existing and additional shelters can also be obtained through 2-1-1.

Damages Reporting

If you have structural safety concerns regarding your home or business due to damages from the recent storm, please contact the Permit and Resource Management through 2-1-1 for an inspection.  Additionally, the County is asking that residents and business owners report all incidences of structural real property damage, and all personal property damage over $1,000, by calling 2-1-1 to provide an accurate estimate of storm damages to the State.  In order to follow up if needed, 2-1-1 will ask callers to provide their name, address of property where the damages occurred, either a phone or email address, and a brief description of the damage.