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Sonoma County Reservoir Water Levels RISING but still a LONG way to go


Sonoma County Reservoir Water Levels RISING but still a LONG way to go

By Vesta Copestakes

It's pretty exciting - people are talking about buckets in their yards filled to the brim...those rain barrells have filled and need another attached to the line - GOOD NEWS! Wheel barrows left in the yard are spilling water over the edge. RAIN! Reprieve! Well hold your water because we're not in the clear yet! Take a look at reservoir levels before you get too excited and start running your faucet to wash the dishes.

People in the north end of the county have been the hardest hit by the drought. Their reservoir is Lake Mendocino and it has been a large, parched lake bottom exposed to the sun. It takes time for water to come off the hills, down tributaries and the river to fill up the lake. First it gets absorbed into the dry soil before it can run off into the lake. So far rain has been blessedly gentle but we have a storm coming right when the earth is feeling wet. Watch out!

Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma Water levels as of 12-8-14

Now's a good time to think about what you need for power outages. The storm is set to hit Wednesday. Yes, it could pass us by or it could deluge us. We'll find out. As we pray for rain - be careful what you wish for!

Up in Ukiah - rain is already above average - maybe they've been praying the hardest! The Santa Rosa plain is still below avergae rainfall for this time of year, but it's looking a whole lot better than last year!

What we don't know is if this will keep up or will stop like it has in previous winters. That's not a chance we should take. Hold off on generous showers and wasteful water use until both reservoirs are full. Being water-wise is always good, but especially important if the rain stops.

And always - for our fsh - keep praying for rain - they need full rivers and lakes even more than we do! HAPPY WINTER RAIN!

Here's a link to stay in touch with rain and reservoir levels