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Rio Nido Magic - December 2014


Rio Nido Magic - December 2014

by Elena Chronis

Rio Nido Community Garden:

The Garden elves were out cleaning and getting our Community garden ready and spruced up for the winter chill. What a wonderful group beautifying our little enclave. This summer’s bounty was quite impressive with all sorts of colorful vegetables. The vibrant and robust tomatoes were my absolute favorite thriving in our Rio Nido climate this past summer. The sunflowers were large and abundant. Looking out my window every morning seeing such bright and cheerful flowers brought a happy smile to my face. I sure love Rio Nido and the caring, thoughtful residents! We are fortunate to have such a tight knit Community that looks out for one another.

The Holidays:

When I was a little girl growing up in San Francisco I couldn’t wait for the Christmas holiday season. At a very young age I knew that there was something a little bit fishy with old St. Nick. Being the youngest of three children gave me an insight perhaps an only child may not experience. My sister Nadine, the eldest of us three wanted me to believe in Santa. Every evening in the month of December when a plane would fly past our house, she would always encourage belief and tell me it was Santa and Rudolph delivering Christmas gifts to all the good kids in the neighborhood. However, my middle brother Peter never believed and told me that there was no such thing. Being the inquisitive child that I was at age 4, I knew instinctively that he was right. I wanted to believe like all the other kids, but knew in my heart that it was just a fairy tale. Christmas was always such a fun time in our home. My parents entertained their colorful friends with cocktail parties and beautiful meals dressed to the nines. My mom looked like a movie star. Growing up in the ’70s was such a fun time in my life. Flocked Christmas trees were in and my dad with his Cuban cigar would always decorate the outside with bright lights. He even drove to Tahoe one winter and filled his truck with snow and brought it back. We had a snowman with a carrot for a nose, buttons for eyes and a red licorice smile outside our house for a couple days. Ah, those were the days, my parents were ultra hip. I guess it rubbed off a little on me because holiday décor really IS my thing. This year I am having three holiday trees in my living room and giant ornaments hanging from my ceiling. It truly is a festive time of year.  Soooo, put those holiday lights out, decorate your digs and bring on the holiday cheer! Don’t be a bah humbug.

Paying it forward:

I don’t know if people are paying attention, but we have a real crisis here in California. Many families are struggling.

It pains my heart to see people losing their jobs, homes, and their dignity in this ever depressing economy. Not all homeless people are substance abusers or mentally ill. Many are just normal folks who have been hit with hard times.

However, the stigma of being homeless rears its ugly head all the time. What I love about the River area is that there are food banks and several organizations out here to help people in need. Anyone of us can end up homeless in this crazy economy, none of us are immune. Every year I adopt a family in need. I enjoy putting together a holiday basket filled with breakfast goodies, snacks and some bubbly apple cider for the parents and toys and clothes for their kids. It feels great to give instead of receive.  Holiday gift giving in general has lost its appeal for me. I prefer to share a festive meal with family/friends over great conversation instead of wasting my time in a crowded mall buying needless things. Pay it forward, its rewarding and a win-win situation for us all.

Rio Nido Roadhouse:

December is a busy month at the RNR. The Pulsators, the THUGZ Holiday party and the Wrecking Balls are performing. Also our Annual Kids Night (cookie decorating and crafts) all FREE. Don’t forget the New Years Eve Champagne and Glitz Party. For more info on these and other events visit us on Facebook or call 707-869-0821.

Elena Chronis and Marco Weller - Rio Nido Magic - Pet of the Month December 2014: ElvisRio Nido Pet of the Month:

There is a new kid in town... his name is Elvis and he is very special. Elvis is a green winged macaw. He hails originally from the Amazon. Elvis has lived in San Francisco and Marin for most of his life. He is a hand-fed bird. Macaws aren’t generally known to be talkers or singers, but Elvis is hell bent on conversating. He spends most of his days squawking and singing with his brother Rocky, a yellow naped amazon with a gigantic vocabulary and an operatic voice. They have been brothers for 30 years. Clearly not biological, but brothers nonetheless. Elvis is happy to have relocated to Rio Nido and is enjoying his new digs officially as a new resident of Rio Nido. Let’s all give Elvis a warm welcome.

Chocolatier Cake Festive Holiday Cocktail:

2 parts crème de cacao (1 oz)

2 parts brandy (1 oz)

2 parts heavy cream (1 oz)

Prechill all ingredients. Using a bar spoon, carefully pour each ingredient into a chilled pony glass in the order listed. 

MMM, good. Enjoy!