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Op-Ed: The Michael Brown Saga


Op-Ed: The Michael Brown Saga

Before rioting and looting became an excuse for a skewed idea of vengeance by an unruly mob, we must look at the way in which a situation like this became possible. We perceive that all this violence comes not from the 1%, but from members of the 99%. It stems from a large minority of this 99%. This minority uses the unfortunate death of Michael Brown to further their own ends, to attack the business of their neighborhood, the other ninety-nine % citizens who have managed to pull themselves up a little higher and provide employment and sustenance for those struggling to get out.  

Looting and vandalism of these properties is an abominable crime as is the rioting that prevents other citizens to come and go from their work. During WWII looters of damaged properties were shot. There is no place in the world for such vermin and they are beyond redemption. If Michael Brown had not committed a crime on the evening in question or had he not decided to fight with the arresting officer none of this would have taken place.

So let us go back to square one. Greed has caused all these problems, however it is the greed of the 1%, those who live off the fat of the land and are the flunkies of and the directors and shareholders of the major corporations and members of our government who keep them in place.

The Georgia Commonwealth in 1877 declared political lobbying to be a criminal activity. Bribery of government by corporations seeking favor. In my book it still is a crime and the top criminals are the 1%. Their refusal to provide all citizens with education on a par with European countries and health care of the same value.

Instead of helping us out of our misery the Supreme Court passed Citizens United making all elected politicians for sale to the highest bidder. True vengeance for Michael Brown would be to return to government by and for the people, and not a government bought and paid for by their corporate masters, the 1%.

Omnia Amerika Venale
By Tolya Orlov aka Tony Adler