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Camp Meeker Beat - November 2014


Camp Meeker Beat - November 2014

by Tom Austin

It’s going to be a tough column this month.  I’m supposed to be bringing you up to speed on Camp Meeker, but currently I am deep in the Allegheny Mountains.  Look at a map; I’m in that little pocket of Maryland tucked in between Pennsylvania and West Virginia.   It’s a good trip; I got to stop in at my Father-in-law’s hometown of Donora, PA and visit some Civil War Battlefields with my brother who lives in Bethesda.  My brother, being my brother, did not fail to give me crap over the local Civil War re-enactment that happens every July in Duncan’s Mills (“So…the battle of Duncan’s Mills, then?  Or is that the Freezeout Creek Campaign?”).  It’s easy to do that when you live a short drive from Gettysburg and Antietam. Yes, we had a bit of a Civil Wargasm weekend on two spectacular fall days. Did I mention the leaves are changing color?  I mention all this because it’s as much contrast with Camp Meeker as I can imagine.  And as great as it’s been, I can’t wait to get home.

Okay, back to Camp Meeker. The much-anticipated Camp Meeker VFD annual Spaghetti Dinner should be next Saturday, November 8.   Get your bibs on and prepare for an evening of marinara pastivities!  Down at the Firehouse.  This, plus the Memorial Day pancake breakfast, is the VFD’s primary sources of funding.  As you look around at the parched forest around you, I’m sure you can appreciate the vital service they provide.

The Park and Rec Board continues their yeoman labor.  I was actually able to make last month’s meeting, but because of my deadline, I reported on a couple of items before the meeting actually took place. Here’s an update.

The wood chipping program will go forward as planned, exact date- whoops, last weekend.  The discussion at last month’s board meetings is the huge pile of wood chips that is left over after a good day of chipping.   You can’t just dump it in the nearest trash can; it’s got to be disposed properly.   The upshot:  Do NOT let the chips fall where they may.

The Camp Meeker Breakfast Club will also go forward, but (for now) on a pilot basis.   As wonderful as the previous Camp Meeker Supper Club was, a ball did get dropped from time to time with regard to cleanup, and everyone present (Breakfast Club champion Seth Murchison as well as the Board members) wanted to make sure it is done right this time. There is also the matter of coordinating with those who book events at popular Anderson Hall; the discussion centered on managing any conflicts that might ensue.   The upshot is that a Breakfast Club event will be scheduled and run, and then all concerned will get together and assess. Let’s all do what we can to make it a success!

The final major item under discussion at last month’s board meeting concerned Parking in the Fire Department parking lot, as well as above the culvert (otherwise known as “Camp Meeker’s Front Porch.”  There have been problems with overnight parking, parking of large vehicles, and occasionally extra-careless parking that obstructs the exit and operation of emergency vehicles from the Fire Statio  With the exception of that last item, it turns out that making new rules can be problematic, which means we the citizens (and our neighbors, such as St. Dorothy’s) need to take responsibility and making sure that we (and our guests) practice consideration for our neighbors.  Things to keep in mind:  Don’t block the fire station. Don’t hog spaces with huge vehicles. Don’t leave cars down there for days at a time (it’s not your driveway) Don’t deprive renters of Anderson Hall space for their events. 

If y’all can manage those things voluntarily, there won’t be any need for Big Government (in the form of our neighbors at Park and Rec) to lay down any new rules and regulations. I think we can all agree that’s the best case outcome. Let’s work toward that.