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Cotati Heart & Soul - November 2014


Cotati Heart & Soul - November 2014

by Deborah Taylor-French

For levity, voting in Cotati has all the right stuff for Twain’s witty pen. Nobody could make this stuff up! Certainly not in fiction, because fiction must show a correlation with life as we know it. Factual representation rarely shows up in politics. But that’s no excuse for not reading, writing and voting. Both Mark Landman and John C. Moore show dedication, work well with others, listen and lead Cotati’s City Council.

Please G.B. lose the baseball hat, along with the attitude. Having heard dozens of rants at the Cotati City Council, I, respectfully, suggest saving city time and money by taking on a new agenda. Up for raising funds for the hungry? NOAH and our Sonoma County Food Bank need volunteers for all manner of work. Local veterans would love warm winter clothing. 

Vote to support our county libraries and community college  

Be part of the 40% of US Citizens who vote. Although our national government developed from deeply debated models of governance, we live in a republic with citizen representatives. Wrongly dubbed a democracy, one person = one vote. Yet only on the local level do our votes count in a one-to-one ratio. Please get the facts, read then vote.

Stones Throw: affordable gifts, locally made for the body, mind and spirit 

What fun to see the lovely remodeling that brightens and invites customers to linger. We lingered. Chatted also with the lovely Melody Myrick, manager. I enjoyed seeing Brenda Kobrin’s painted textile hangings, colorful and original t-shirts by Songbird youth, encaustic paintings, musical instruments and upcycled items. You will find Stones Throw at 15 Charles Street, which is right around the corner from I Scream Café.

Off the Page Readers Theater presents “Karma” Nov. 8 & 15

Hilary Moore introduced herself to me at Copperfield’s Books Redwood Writers “Water Anthology” launch. “I read the Gazette,” came as part of her enjoyable introduction. She handed me a small flyer stating that their readers theater will present the works of a dozen local writers directed by Linda Loveland Reid, Pat Hayes and Hilary. Love their venue of choice, the Cotati Church of the Oaks. Doors open at 7 and ticket price $15. For more info:

Yongewa Kitchen

Owner Rinzing Yongewa videotaped His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet speaking about how to find happiness in life. Yongewa has shared this video in Berkeley (to a sold out audience) and for free at his newly located Cotati restaurant. 8204 Old Redwood Hwy. Call 707-664-1418  and on the World Wide Web at

Wilfred Page (undated), who worked with Newton V.V. Smyth, a county surveyor, to lay out the original Cotati plat. Photo courtesy of the Cotati Historical Society & Museum“Focus on History” November 9 

This free event will illustrate the design of Cotati’s unique hexagonal plaza and Cotati’s founding family, the Pages. Sunday, November 9, from 1 to 4 p.m. This special program will run at 1:30 & 3:00 p.m. in the Cotati Room, 216 E. School St. behind Cotati City Hall.