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Bodega Bulletin - November 2014


Bodega Bulletin - November 2014

Around this time last year I was invited to participate in a Thanksgiving trap shoot just down the road from my house. Upon arrival I was reluctant to step in line with the rest. Though I am comfortable handling a gun, I had never attended a trap shoot, so opted out and participated as an onlooker. There were about thirty men, a few women, and a handful of preteens in a single file line facing off of the edge of an unpaved dirt road which looked out to a canyon. Parked trucks of all sizes perched behind them like loyal dogs.  Some had doors wide open to amplify the music. It was a gorgeous autumn day. The echo of country songs intertwined with gun shots, ringing out to the canyon. At the highest position on the hill is the clay pigeon thrower, the shooting starts at the lowest point of the hill. Whomever successfully breaks the clay pigeon with his bullet eliminates whomever stands lower than him. In this case, it was “Annie Oakley,” meaning that the said eliminated man can shoot pieces from the leader’s successful shot and re enter the competition.

The uniformity, silence for those shooting, along with competitors intermittently giving one another a hard time illuminated the importance of tradition, friendship, and family within a community. To this day, it stands as one of the most beautiful gatherings I’ve attended.

Though my traditions were pretty basic, it brings me to reflect on how lucky I am to have grown up with a family that acted much like those participating in the shoot. The holiday season is an especially fun time for us.  It’s nice because I was given a blueprint for my future “chosen” family. This time of year I tend to become giddy with the overwhelming spirit of my close family, friends and neighbors.

My workplace, Casino, extends its arms yearly for a Thanksgiving potluck. A smorgasbord takes over the pool table and drinks flow. Everybody is invited. I will say that Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two holidays where the community has an extra special glow to it. Casino is usually where festivities start for those with familial obligations. It’s also common to return for a nightcap. The best part? Differences are set aside. If even only for that one day. Though we are not all blood related, the community acts just as a family for those who already have one, or to those whose families are not present.

On a different note, on November 23rd the quilt raffle will be held for the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department. The quilt’s theme this year is water, seeing as we are in the middle of a drought. (Conserve!) In lieu of supporting the fire department, you could walk away with a beautiful piece of work collectively put together by twelve women. Raffle tickets are being sold at Casino.

Also don’t miss the Christmas Crafts Faire, held at McCaughey Fire Hall on November 28th and 29th, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Local (and otherwise) crafted gifts such as candles, earrings, baskets, and pottery stands for sale. The fire department also sells food put together by their awesome kitchen crew (thank you, Kenny Lanker!) Last year I attended and was able to get a jump start on Christmas shopping, while also walking away with a few items for myself.

Come support the community with us locals. You could leave with some quaint treasures, and you may find a bit of your family with us.