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Springs Splash - November 2014


Springs Splash - November 2014

by Tom Martin

Students, Parents, Neighbors Create Public Portrait! 

The El Verano Community joined together on October 19 to paint a street mural design in the student pick-up circle. Those participating wore clothes they didn’t mind getting dirty. Chalk art projects were implemented for kids as well. 

Gayle Manfre, resident artist, designed the mural that was completed by community volunteers. The mural was funded by the Plein Air Foundation.

Springs Community Alliance Elects Officers  

The Springs Community Alliance (SCA) elected officers at its October meeting. Rich Lee was elected Chairperson, Ellen Conlon, Vice Chairperson, Michael Ackers, Treasurer, and Maricarmen Reyes, Secretary.

Join This Active Community Program   

The new officers wish to have an active community program on the November 13 meeting. It can’t be done without you! Please attend and find your niche. Whether you are interested in community beautification, Highway 12 improvements, pre-school enrollment, a Springs Plaza, community childcare, or vacation rentals, there is a place for you in the Springs Community Alliance!  

Next meeting – Nov. 13 – Sonoma Valley Community Health Center

Meetings are the second Thursday of the month. During the remodeling of the Grange Hall, SCA will meet at the Sonoma Valley Community Health Center (19270 Sonoma Highway). The next meeting is November 13 - 7 p.m.

Ride your bicycle from Springs to Santa Rosa?   

Sonoma County Regional Parks is preparing a thirteen (13) mile bicycle and pedestrian trail between Melita Road in Santa Rosa to Agua Caliente Road in the Springs. The project timeline calls for planning from now through December 2015 then go to the Board of Supervisors. 

Project Manager Ken Tam has conducted a series of meetings along the trail corridor. The next meeting is Saturday, November 1 (9–11 a.m.) at Sonoma Regional Park in Glen Ellen. All interested parties are invited.

Bike Trail Gap Between The Springs And Sonoma Raises Questions! 

Springs Community Alliance Vice Chair Ellen Conlon and resident, Tom Martin, attended the Oct. 4 meeting at Dunbar School. Maps of potential routes were spread across tables for the 25-30 persons in attendance to mark routes, problems, and safety concerns. People utilized multi-color pens to note their favorite routes and known locations of danger.

From Flowery School to the Sonoma City Bike Trail? 

The Park Dept. plan calls for the southern trailhead to end at Agua Caliente Blvd. The planned Mid-Pen 100-unit housing project includes a bike trail from Agua Caliente to Flowery School. From there no plans exist to link the Valley Trail with the City Trail. The Park Department’s jurisdiction ends at Agua Caliente. From there to Verano Avenue is under the jurisdiction of the Public Works Department who has not been involved in the planning. 

There is plenty of time for Sonoma Valley citizens to bring this to the attention of First District Supervisor Susan Gorin.

Want to learn more about the bike trail to Santa Rosa? 

Attend the Nov. 1 meeting at the Regional Park in Glen Ellen. Also, contact the Dept. website:

Living Wage Meeting – Informative And Educational! 

The October Living Wage meeting at the Grange Hall was an eye opener. The discussion and question-and-answer period focused on facts, figures, and circumstances by which workers survive in Sonoma County today. 

The proposal is for County workers and those who work for companies that do business with the County to pay a wage of $15 per hour.  

Contrary to another Valley publication that headlined the meeting as “Fireworks at living wage forum,” it was serious and tutorial. Chairperson Anna Pier followed the agenda, maintained decorum, and allowed for audience written comments. A speaker in opposition took more time than others, but clearly made his points.

Supervisor Susan Gorin adopts a wait and see position. 

Supervisor Susan Gorin made it clear she wants “to listen and understand all the facets of the proposal.” She said, “I have no position on this.” Gorin noted she wants to understand how the Living Wage fits into the County budget when there are other demands for funding. She said, “I wish to weigh the various programs… the list is very long.” Marty Bennett, the major proponent, laid out his argument cogently. He noted other counties like San Francisco and Sacramento have implemented living wage ordinancess.