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KBBF Bilingual Radio - November 2014


KBBF Bilingual Radio - November 2014

by Edgar Avila

Que Pasa? – What’s New? 

We now have a 100% reliable signal, as a result of moving of our signal transmitter to the roof of the Labor Center (where we our studio is located), from a property miles away. Chief Engineer Alan Bloom also reports increases in clarity and strength. KBBF-FM 89.1 has also received confirmation from the FCC of our license renewal for another seven years. All the important things that a hard-working station needs to keep serving its listeners. 

People are discovering they can rely on independent media such community radio, to focus on real news and culture. The terms “community” and “independent” make a distinction between what KBBF-FM provides, and the output of “corporate” and “commercial” radio. Independent media have become tools for navigating modern life – human rights,class disparity,  environmental issues,  news censorship, and other topics that aren’t going to find a home between commercials. 

KBBF was on the scene for Andy Lopez related demonstrations, and in prior years has notified listeners about the presence of police/ICE traffic check points. Our music is a blend of spice and tradition, all delivered in a multilingual format. We recently learned that our listeners appreciate that. 

Our October on-air drive was a long-awaited event. It was fun to discover that programs as varied as Francisco Pardo’s Cantares De Mi Tierra, Laura Larque’s Un Viaje Al Pasado, and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now!, all have their own supportive fan bases out in Radioland. The drive brought in enough income to see us through several months, given our frugal habits and 100% unpaid staff. We’re also looking into the purchase of portable recording equipment to send out with our news gatherers.

Que Dice la Gente - What’s the Buzz? 

The dangers of gentrification have been a common theme on Louis Guiterrez’ Roseland Report, Wednesdays from 4-6pm. He has experienced the results growing up in the Mission District of SF and is observing signs of it in Roseland, as annexation of the area progresses. 

Project Censored Radio took a look at the top censored news stories of the past year – the news that didn’t make the news. The new book Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People, by Andy Lee Roth, Mickey Huff, and the team at Project Censored, sums it up. They also examined some unanswered and controversial questions regarding 9/11, which have arisen over the past 13 years. 

DJ Broken Record’s guests talked about the new movie “Pride,” about Gay Liberation and labor movement solidarity. Indigenous People’s Day brought discussions about Mayan resistance to mining corporations. A new local food movement called guerrilla farming is on the rise in the Bay Area. Broken Record Radio is on Mondays at 9pm.

Radio Conciencia/Consciousness Radio assembled a 1-hour special based on author Naomi Klein’s book tour stop in Santa Rosa. Klein’s latest book is This Changes Everything. In it, she declares we’ll have to put the brakes on free market capitalism if we’re to eradicate greenhouse gas production.

Elaine Holtz interviewed Janey Hirsh on Womens Spaces, as part of Pomo Honoring Month. Hirsh is founder of the American Dream Players and director of “Weya, or Hardly Strictly Pomo”. Judy Kennedy, mural artist and director of Street Teach, also talked to Elaine about her present mural project at Cleveland and College Avenues in Santa Rosa. 

KBBF-FM’s studio and business office are located at the Labor Center, 1700 Corby Ave., Santa Rosa. Feel free to visit or call the office at (707) 545-8833 during business hours. The studio number is (707) 545-0318.