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Rio Nido Magic - November 2014


Rio Nido Magic - November 2014

by Elena Chronis

Rio Nido Renaissance:

Rio Nido is quickly emerging not only as a summer vacation destination, but a destination to be fortunate to reside in.

Change happens slowly in rural communities and Rio Nido is no different than many. The good news is, the County has taken notice and has been steadfast in implementing positive change. Rio Nido Road, Canyon 7 and Canyon 1 along the creek beds has been cleaned up and looks terrific. The Russian River Rec and Park District has been coming out regularly to clear brush and keep our dog park spiffy. The repaved tennis court looks amazing and I’ve seen families using the court. The community is no longer tolerating abandoned trailers and vehicles. Residents are immediately calling to have them tagged and removed. The process has been quick. There’s a wonderful group of individuals picking up discarded garbage and getting rid of it properly. Homebuyers from the City and other areas are snatching up homes, painting them, remodeling them and adding value to our little slice of heaven. Let’s keep Rio Nido Magical!

RN Resident Lost Home:

Long time resident Billy Koenig of Upper Canyon 6 lost his home to an electrical fire on October 16th. He was fortunate to have vacated the premises unscathed. Bill has resided in RN for most of his life and is a VET. He is looking for a place to live in RN and is hoping to stay in the Community. A big shout out goes out to the amazing response from the fire departments. Russian River Fire, Cal Fire, Monte Rio Fire and the Forestville Fire Dept. were all here putting out the blaze.

Luckily we had some rain showers the day before, otherwise the fire could have been madly out of control. It’s comforting to know that our first responders are on top of it.  Brad Metzger, owner of the Roadhouse was kind enough to bring lunch to the firefighters. Way to go Brad!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching:

OMG: Yikes... Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 27th. Is everyone ready to start the holiday season? Decisions, decisions... bake a turkey or fry one up this year? To go out and dine or stay in and cook?

Where has time gone? Christmas is right around the corner once Thanksgiving passes and the insanity begins with mass consumerism – blech!  Makes me want to pack up and take a vacation and skip it all together. Oh, guess I can’t do that since I obsess over Holiday décor! It’s my thing! I love having a couple holiday trees and large ornaments hanging from my great room rafters. It’s festive and cheerful!

Holiday Beverage Recipe:

The chill is definitely in the air. I have been receiving requests for  festive holiday beverages. Here is one to warm your soul.



Hot tea

2 parts honey (1 oz)

2 parts fresh lemon juice (1 oz)

5 whole cloves

Ground cinnamon to taste

Lemon slice

Freshly ground nutmeg

Cinnamon stick

Mull all ingredients, except nutmeg, tea and cinnamon stick in the bottom of a warmed coffee mug. Fill with hot tea and stir. Garnish with cinnamon stick and nutmeg. It’s a goodie. Enjoy!