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Sustainable Solutions ~ November 2014


Sustainable Solutions ~ November 2014

by Sam Euston

Estimates between 100,000 to 310,000 people assembled and marched in the streets of New York City (and many more around the world and in our own Sonoma County) endorsing their support of climate change action. 

Valerie Rockefeller Wayne, great-great-granddaughter of John D Rockefeller stated  “There is a moral imperative to preserve a healthy planet.”  The Rockefeller family, heirs to the world’s largest fortunes through its vast oil business “Standard Oil” confirmed to reinvest in clean energy.

Clear evidence demonstrates that Global warming is a significant issue & growing; the reflective Arctic Sea ice may melt entirely within 10 to 30 years.

Fossil fuels are both subsidized and limited resources; requiring mining or extraction methods using chemicals of questionable compounds and effects (which can destroy above and below ground restorative habitats).  Their refining, transporting, as well as infrastructure support for distribution requires additional use of their resources. As the easily extracted resources are exhausted, the risks, damage (collateral and otherwise), the imperceptible financial costs increase to a point where they are no longer viable.  

As noted in (May 2014)

“The combined value of global fossil fuel subsidies can be difficult to calculate, with recent estimates ranging from $500 billion to $1.9 trillion. But according to the International Monetary Fund, when you factor in implicit subsidies from the failure to charge for pollution, climate change and other externalities, the post-tax cost comes in at closer to $2 trillion – equivalent to about 2.9 per cent of global GDP, or 8.5 per cent of government revenues.”

This presents an advancing helix that twists toward an evolution, and reminds me of something I gleaned from Prigogine’s book; “Order Out Of Chaos”.  In times of great chaos an organism will reach a point in which it will either destruct, or, reorganize to adapt to its new conditions.

It appears there are some on this planet that (either consciously or not) decided to self-destruct and others are creatively formulating solutions; utilizing current renewable resources to build and expand upon.  Their evolving models make sense in terms of sustainable, responsible and financial solutions. 

Concurrently as I’m writing this piece, the Bioneer’s Conference is taking place in San Rafael CA. This conference is engaged with abundant, vibrant sustainable solution oriented stewards dedicated to our planet. 

Our own local Georgia Kelly, tasked her Praxis Peace Institute team to assemble some of the greatest solution oriented minds from around the world. They recently presented those solutions at the Economics of Sustainability Conference.

One of the presenter’s Mark Z. Jacobson (Director of the Atmosphere Energy Program 

& Professor of Civil &Environmental Engineering at Stanford University) proposed the following viable current and future solutions:

 • Renewable Energy resources such as electric power sources, can provide a fuel cost of Zero. This can help stabilize energy prices (which is a major issue).

• Converting to renewable energy resources opens up the job market with stable jobs.

• All energy solutions need to include; eliminating the combustion emissions of both greenhouse gases and pollution particles to reduce Global Warming.


There are two additional items that I feel the need to express.  

In recent years there has been a rise in censorship (self, government & corporate) in this country.  We more than ever, need to acknowledge and support independent media, (like our local Sonoma County Gazette).  

The remaining item is in regard to SRJC’s Measure H.  Affordable local education for our community is important to me.  Having attended SRJC, and first hand knowing the buildings and programs that will benefit from Measure H, I’m in support of it, and ask for you to support it as well.  

I’ve worked with Frank Chong (the school’s president & superintendent) on several projects, and over the years I’ve really come to appreciate his vision, his insight, and attentiveness to fiscal responsibility.  I know Frank will insure the funds are used wisely and responsibly.