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Sonoma County Water Districts Partner Programs


Sonoma County Water Districts
Partner Programs for reducing water use

Sonoma-Marin Saving Water Partnership represents 10 water utilities in Sonoma and Marin counties who have joined together to provide a regional approach to water use efficiency.

The utilities are the Cities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sonoma, Cotati; North Marin, Valley of the Moon and Marin Municipal Water Districts, Town of Windsor and Sonoma County Water Agency. Each of these utilities have water conservation programs that can assist you in reducing your water use.

In addition to the individual Water Supplier programs, there are numerous Regional Programs available.

Water Suppliers:

Santa Rosa - Residents and Businesses throughout Santa Rosa are saving approximately 1,500,000,000 gallons annually...yes that is 1.5 BILLION gallons per year.  To learn how you can save water and money at your location visit our Water Saving Tips webpage and/or view the full list of the residential and business rebates that include Clothes Washers, Urinals, Grass Removal, Irrigation Upgrades, Rainwater Harvesting, and many more.

Rohnert Park 
- The City of Rohnert Park is committed to water conservation. We help our residents and businesses conserve water and reduce the discharge of wastewater. In 2002, the City signed the California Urban Water Conservation Council's Memorandum of Understanding regarding Urban Water Conservation in California, committing to implement 14 Best Management Practices.

Petaluma - Conserving water is always important; it’s the right thing to do. No matter how full or depleted our reservoirs are, we must always be aware that water is a limited resource and regardless of how or why we are using water, we must use it efficiently. The City of Petaluma has several progressive water-saving programs and resources available to you to help you do your part to conserve water. We encourage you to take advantage of our many residential and commercial water conservation resources and services. We are here to help so please take advantage of our programs and please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for doing your part to conserve water!

Sonoma - Sonoma Valley is facing severe water challenges. Water is in short supply for many homes, farms and businesses, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Conservation is one of the key strategies of a comprehensive solution to the Valley’s water challenges – and it’s something we can all do today.


Cotati - Clean, fresh water is a precious resource that is vital to our way of life. To ensure there is sufficient water for us and future generations, we must use this resource wisely. Below is a list of programs and water conservation tips for indoor and outdoor water use that will continue to help our community save water.



Valley of the Moon Water District The district encourages our customers to install water-saving devices to achieve water efficiency without negatively affecting lifestyles. Ways to help save water at your home or business range from installation of water-efficient toilets, faucets and showerheads to automated irrigation systems and water-wise landscaping. FREE home water use evaluation and water saving recommendations. Call (707)933-2247 to schedule an appointment.  Rebates and Incentives

Town of Windsor - We hope that you will join with us in this commitment to conserve water, and that you will find the following water conservation programs, information, and links useful: 

Windsor Efficiency PAYS logo
Windsor Efficiency PAYS®

Water and energy upgrades that pay YOU to save!

Now you can make efficiency upgrades to your home or apartment and enjoy savings and comfort right away!  Interested in being contacted by a Program Contractor? Call (707) 565-6472 or sign-up online.    For additional information, click here. In addition to the individual Water Supplier programs, there are numerous Regional Programs available.



Laundry to Landscape  Graywater Workshops!

Feb 28 & June 17 - Learn how to  build a laundry to landscape irrigation system to water your garden by reusing your clothes washer's rinse water. These workshops will show you how to do this simple conversion. Click here to get signup information.  UFO, 35 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa 2/28 @ 12:30 - 4:30 pn, 6-17 @ 4:30 - 8pm. Utility customes in SR and Cotati are eligible for a $75 rebate upon completion. sign up at 707-543-3942 or

St. Patrick's Day 5K Challenge!

The Water-Use Efficiency Team has partnered with Recreation & Parks to make the St. Patrick’s Day 5K truly green and will kick off Fix a Leak Week at the race! Stop by our booth for the latest water saving rebates and tips for saving water. Receive a free water bottle and freshen up at our hydration station! Register  

Get a FREE Consultation!

Garden Sense is a free program, open to all Sonoma County residents who would like information about converting their lawn to a low water use garden. The Sonoma County Master Gardeners will come to your house and offer advice about which low water use plants would work well in your garden, irrigation conversion tips and information about how to convert your or call707-565-2608 to schedule your free appointment

It Once was Lawn and Now it's Gone!

City staff has complete its work on the transformation of our lawn to a low water-use landscape at 69 Stony Circle. The low water-use garden features many low water consumption plantings,  a raingarden that captures rain and recharges the groundwater and in the front of the building culvert pipes have been reused to create a decorative feature.  Click here for a video describing the garden transformation. To learn more about the benefits of sheet mulching, click here. 


ROHNERT PARK Info & Programs:

High Efficiency Toilet (HET) Rebate for Residential Customers

Receive up to $150 for the purchase of a new high-efficiency toilet. These HETs flush with 1.1 gallons of water (or less). New toilets must replace toilets that flush 3.5 gallons or more (Pre-1992). Download the application and list of qualifying toilets or call (707) 585-6750 for more information.

HET Residential Application Form

HET Rebate: List of Qualifying Toilets

High Efficiency Clothes Washer Rebates for Residential Customers

Receive $75 for the purchase of a new water-saving, front-load washing machine. Dowload the application and list of qualifying washers or call (707) 585-6750 for more information. Please note that this program only rebates High-Efficiency Clothes Washers that are listed as Tier 3 on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency’s (CEE) List. 

Washing Machine Rebate Application 

Washing Machine Rebate: List of Qualifying Machines
 (Rebates apply to Tier 3 models only)

Reduce Water Use from Showers and Faucets 

75% of indoor water consumption occurs in the bathroom. The average 6-minute shower uses 20 gallons of water! Reduce this amount with the following tips: Water Faucet
No Cost: Limit shower time to five minutes or less. 
Less than $10: Install an on/off valve between the shower arm and showerhead. This temporarily shuts off the flow while maintaining the temperature, and can be a useful water-saver while soaping up or shaving. 
$10-$50: Install a low-flow (less than 2 gallons a minute) showerhead. Free showerheads are also available at the Utility Department. 
$20-$50: Insulate all accessible hot-water pipes, especially those within 3 feet of the water heater. You’ll get hot water faster, avoid wasting water while it heats up, and save energy in the process. 

You can also reduce water consumption by fitting all household faucets with low-flow aerators (less than two gallons per minute). This is the best in-home water conservation method, and it’s also the cheapest. 

Reduce Water Use from Toilets 

Every day, the U.S. uses 5.8 billion gallons of fresh water to flush waste. 
If you are planning to replace your toilet, check out options with either a very low (less than 1.6) gallon per flush (gpf) rating, or dual flush controls. Dual flush toilets can reduce water use by up to 67% compared with traditional toilets. 
ToiletRebates are available for very low flow toilets through the City of Rohnert Park. Theapplication and list of qualifying toilets are available online and at City Hall. 

If you don’t plan on replacing your toilet, try these quick fixes: 
Check for leaks: Put a dye tablet (available at the Utility Department) or a little food coloring in your toilet tank. If the color begins to appear in the bowl within 30 minutes, you have a leak that should be repaired. Most replacement parts are inexpensive and easy to install. 
Displace water: Most older toilets don’t require nearly as much water as they use (3.5-5 gallons) to flush properly. To “trick” your toilet into using less water, place a half-gallon plastic bottle inside your toilet tank to displace water volume. (Be sure at least 2.5 gallons of water remain in the tank so it will flush properly.) Ideally, weigh down the bottle with sand or pebbles so it doesn’t interfere with the tank mechanisms. This simple retrofit would save a three-person family 225 gallons of water per month! 

Minimize Appliance Water Consumption 
Outside the bathroom, most water is used to wash clothes and dishes. Here are some tips to reduce Washing Machinewater consumption in these areas: 
Fully loaded: Dishwashers and clothes washers should be operated when full for optimum water conservation. If you must wash partial loads, adjust the water levels as appropriate. 
The dishwasher is your friend! Even older dishwashers don’t use as much water per dish as hand-washing. Newer, more efficient dish washers use only 1/6 of the water used during hand washing and save 230 hours of your time each year. 
Scrape, don’t rinse: Pre-rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher is unnecessary. Scrape off food, and then trust the dishwasher to do its job. 
Pass on permanent press: Avoid the permanent press cycle when washing clothes, which uses an additional five gallons for an extra rinse. 
Upgrade your equipment: Consider buying a water-saving front-loading clothes washer, or a top-loading one with no central agitator. Check ENERGY STAR for ideas and ratings. The City of Rohnert Park also offer rebates on water-saving and energy-saving models.  The application and list of qualifying washers are available online and at City Hall.

PETALUMA Programs:


Logo Image

The City of Petaluma is crazy about water conservation! Our Mulch Madness Program is proof of this. We are so dedicated to helping our customers save water that we are offering free mulch, compost, cardboard, an irrigation conversion kit and free native plants from a local native plant nursery to those customers who wish to sheet mulch their existing turf. That's right, FREE! This even includes delivery of the mulch, compost and cardboard. It's Madness!

If you regularly use your turf for recreational purposes, that's great; keep it healthy and happy. But at most locations turf areas are rarely ever used except to mow, edge and fertilize; wasting water, using fossil fuels and polluting the environment. This is the type of turf that we are after! A typical 1000 square foot area of turf uses more than 25,000 gallons of water per year; it is one of the biggest water users out there! 

Why not take advantage of the Mulch Madness Program and convert your rarely-used water guzzling turf into something more appropriate; a low water use garden or even a vegetable garden or food forest!

How to Qualify
To qualify, a single family residential and multifamily residential customer must first sign up for a Water-Wise HouseCall, another great free program offered by the City of Petaluma. A trained water conservation professional will measure your turf area and determine the amount of supplies you will need. Commercial accounts must also call first and have a representative from the City visit their site to evaluate the landscape.

Next, the City will contact our suppliers who will then contact you to set up a delivery date. After your mulch, compost and cardboard are delivered, you can pick up your drip irrigation conversion kit and plants (plants and irrigation conversion kits are only available to single family residential accounts). During the site visit, you will be given more information about the program as well as instructions on how to sheet mulch your turf and convert your irrigation system to a drip system. You can also call our Water Conservation Hotline at (707) 778-4507 at any time if you have any questions.

Mulch Assistance Program (MAP) 
The City understands that there are customers who may wish to participate in the Mulch Madness program but may not have the resources available to have the free supplies installed at their property. We are here to help those qualifying customers by offering free labor provided by local volunteer groups to install the sheet mulch supplies. Please contact us for more information at or by calling our Water Conservation Hotline at (707) 778-4507.

Program Rules
The City begins scheduling appointments for The Mulch Madness Program on March 15th. Appointments are available Monday through Friday beginning April 1st until October 1st each year. This time frame coincides with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for preventing contaminants from entering the storm water collection system during the rainy season. Customers who receive mulch and/or compost between April 1st and October 1st and rain is forecasted while the mulch and/or compost is still piled on their driveway or other hardscape are recommended to follow the BMP’s which specify to cover the pile(s) with a tarp or other water repellant cover as well as encircling the pile with a straw wattle. Straw wattles are tubes of straw (or other material) encased in netting and are meant to prevent debris from entering into the storm drains during rain. Wattles can be purchased at your local irrigation supply store. 
During the rainy season, the program takes a Winter Break. Participants who do not have an appointment scheduled on or before October 1st can schedule an appointment the following spring by calling back beginning March 15th. 
Supplies are only available while funding lasts.

Supply Limits 
A maximum of 15 yards of mulch, 5 yards of compost and 2000 square feet of cardboard will be delivered to single family residential customers. For multifamily and commercial customers, a maximum of 100 yards of mulch, 32 yards of compost and 11 rolls of cardboard will be delivered. Multifamily and commercial accounts will not be given irrigation conversion kits as this is cost prohibitive.

Contact info
Single family and multifamily customers can sign up online for a Water-Wise HouseCall or call (707) 778-4507. Customers who have recently had a Water-Wise HouseCall can call to sign up for the Mulch Madness Program. Commercial customers must call (707) 778-4507 to schedule a representative to perform a site evaluation.