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Non-GMO Beef in Sonoma County


Non-GMO Beef in Sonoma County
Mindful Meats’ healthy beef from pastured cows now available in community grocery stores

As of mid-October, burger-lovers in over 20 California cities and towns from Eureka to San Luis Obispo to South Lake Tahoe will be able to purchase a gold standard ground beef from the meat case in their local grocery stores.  Mindful Meats’ retail-ready one-pound package of ground beef makes the nation’s first Non-GMO Project Verified beef accessible to shoppers seeking healthy, responsibly raised meat for their families.

The iconic American hamburger, once a favorite for family suppers and outdoor barbeques, has become a menu pariah in recent years. Personal and public health, food safety, animal welfare and environmental concerns have turned a much-loved food into a poster child for industrial meat production’s glaring flaws.  Fast food is easy to demonize, but even home-cooked burgers become questionable when supermarket ground beef is considered a risky purchase. 

Mindful Meats works directly with local California farmers and ranchers who pasture raise their cows on the pristine hills of West Marin and Sonoma counties.  Processed at a USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved recommended facility, this is a singular beef that supports California family farmers with a truly regional supply chain.  Certified organic by CCOF, this is the only Non-GMO Project Verified beef available in the US.

Claire Herminjard, a young entrepreneur, started Mindful Meats with Stephen Goldmann to give families easier access to the healthiest meat at grocery stores where they already shop. Pioneering small-scale farmers and ranchers, as well as renowned Bay Area chefs, were immediately attracted to Mindful Meats’ dedication to both environmental sustainability and strengthening local food systems to benefit farmers and consumers. 

“This one pound of ground beef represents food system reform.  Pastured beef is a healthy whole protein source that needs to be more readily available, and is a real asset for both California’s farmers, California’s land preservation, and families seeking alternatives to conventionally produced beef. “ said Claire Herminjard, CEO and Founder of Mindful Meats. 

Mindful Meats prides itself on offering the cleanest, healthiest source of protein to consumers. Pastured their entire lives, these cows spend their days roaming the hills, munching sweet coastal grasses. When grasses are not at their prime due to seasonal and weather conditions, the animals’ diet is supplemented with organic alfalfa, hay, silage, barley, rye  -- and occasionally organic corn and organic soy when no other feed is available. All feed lots are tested for compliance with the NonGMO Project standards. 

Mindful Meats beef is beloved for its pure flavor and favorable fat profile. Whether burgers, tacos, Bolognese sauce or larb are the favorites on the dinner table, a better beef is now available to California families that care deeply about their health, respect for animals, environmental protection, and supporting farmers.

Our beef can be found through select San Francisco Bay Area restaurants, butchers, and specialty grocers.

Currently, we are carried in the following Grocery Stores:

  • Good Earth Natural Foods, in Fairfax, California
  • Mill Valley Market, in Mill Valley, California
  • Oliver’s Market – Stony Point, Santa Rosa, California
  • Oliver’s Market – Cotati, Cotati, California
  • Oliver’s Market – Montecito, Santa Rosa, California
  • Sonoma Market, Sonoma, California
  • Shelton’s Natural Foods Market, Healdsburg, California
  • Food for Humans, Guerneville, California
  • Earthbeam Natural Foods, Burlingame, California
  • Monta Vista Market, Cupertino, California
  • Spencer’s Fresh Markets, San Luis Obsipo, California
  • Sunshine Health Foods, Morro Bay, California
  • Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, Sacramento, California
  • New Frontiers, Solvang, California
  • North Coast Co-op, Eureka, California
  • North Coast Co-op, Arcata, California
  • Mariposa Market, Willits, California
  • Grass Roots Natural Foods, South Lake Tahoe, California

And Restaurants:

In Northern California and along the West Coast, we are Distributed by:

Contact us to if you are interested in carrying our beef, or ask your favorite butcher to bring you Mindful Meats!

About Mindful Meats:

Mindful Meats is a meat company based in Point Reyes Station, Marin County, that brings local, organic, Non-GMO, pastured meat to retail markets and restaurants throughout California. Mindful Meats sources exclusively from Marin and Sonoma County’s organic dairy cows that are the cleanest, most healthful sources of beef: certified organic, pasture-based dairies.  Founded in 2011 by young entrepreneur Claire Herminjard, Mindful Meats is the first US meat company to use these high quality pastured animals as sustainable meat, animals that would otherwise be subsumed by the conventional meat system. Mindful Meats is also the first meat company to gain Non-GMO Project Verified certification for all its products. Already beloved by California chefs, Mindful Meats products include ground beef, steaks, roasts, and many other cuts, all distributed by Veritable Vegetable and Del Monte Meat Company.