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“Vaping ……..Not Just for “Smokers”

“Vaping ……..Not Just for “Smokers”

by Joey D.

The E- Cigarette revolution we are experiencing is successfully helping cigarette smokers quit the smoking habit to a more healthier alternative.  These benefits include, inhaling vapor rather than combustible smoke, avoiding tar and the countless number of chemicals in every tobacco product, at half the cost. There are countless delicious flavors of nicotine-based flavors both “organic” and  “mixed organic”, in varying strengths available at most E Cig/Vapor stores.  The blends of both PG, and VG seems to offer the best flavor, and vapor cloud production, mimicking the smoking experience, but every taste bud is different, so trying both and many is the best way!  The most complete stores will offer both lines, be able to educate to the pros, and cons of both, to satisfy every- soon to be “x” smoker.

Moreover, it is the educated opinion of this writer that in an unregulated industry, where E Liquids can be created by “anyone”, by sourcing all the necessary ingredients on line, and they can call it “organic or not”.  There is no FDA approval process yet for these products, so until then, do your own research, ask allot of questions, and be wary of stores that don’t carry a full line of everything, as their interests may be disingenuous to some degree, or at least angled to their offerings…. you be the judge!

Choosing Batteries

Moving on to the vaporizing batteries themselves; there are many to choose from, so beware products that say they are one thing and are actually another.  Chinese manufacturing of products create allot of “ knock-offs” or again products that look like another product but aren’t, and these can be less expensive for a reason, plus not last as long as the real deal.  Look for products with a long history of success, from a reputable company and stores that carry many lines.   A good product should give you 6 months of vaping before needing to be replaced on average. 

Healthy Alternatives

Vaporizing has been around in Asia for years, but is relatively only a couple years old here in the US, but gaining popularity exponentially.  For smokers, I call them Nicotine delivery systems. 

Now!!.. there is a botanical based, whole plant extract e-Liquid available for “vaping” that uses 100% FDA approved and certified organic ingredients!!!  HOLI SMOKES, LLC, out of Portland, Ore. has a line of 15 that they call Organic Vaping Tonic™ Formulas. These Tonics can be used in most vaporizers, and deliver notable "terpenoid" effects almost immediately. Plant terpenoids are used extensively for their aromatic qualities. They play a role in traditional herbal remedies and have many proven pharmaceutical functions. Terpenoids contribute to the scent of eucalyptus, the flavors of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Well-known terpenoids include citral, menthol, d-limonene from the skins of citrus and curcuminoids found in turmeric and mustard seed.

HOLI SMOKES gives a color coded rating to their formulas for five different effects: Energetic, Aphrodisiac, Relaxing, Psychic and Euphoric. Users can find a color bar scale on the backs of the bottles showing a number from 1-9 for each effect. They come in a variety of herbal flavors. They taste amazing and are smooth to your lungs and throat.  This writer thinks that this is the next great thing in vaporization, available to the other half of the world,  who either no longer smoke, or never have, and may want to experience a new enjoyable way to “breathe” wellness into their body. You can visit for more detailed information.

I encourage you to explore this new world of possibility for yourself, speak with your local “E “ Cig/ Vapor store (not smoke shop or head shop)…. These Stores are on top of this new revolution and will be able to help educate you and allow you to try for free these products so again, you can judge for yourself.

Keep Vaping for a smoke free planet.