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Black Panther Party 47th Anniversary


Black Panther Party 47th Anniversary
October 17th, 18th, 19th 

By Elbert "Big Man" Howard   

The purpose of this event is to offer an educational and artistic forum, bringing together former members of the Black Panther Party, community activists and the general public to examine the myths and realities of this historical period in our country's history. Discussions and speeches will include the contributions of Community Survival Programs of the Black Panther Party and a workshop on Political Prisoners.

The program will include photo and mixed media exhibits, film showings, workshops and guest speakers.  There will also be a marketplace where books, memorabilia, t-shirts and custom made jewelry will be available. 

Among the confirmed Speakers are: 

 Host: Elbert "Big Man" Howard, former Deputy Minister of Information and a founding member of the Black Panther Party, first Editor of the Black Panther Party Community Newspaper, former International Spokesperson for the BPP, writer, lecturer, community and human rights activist

Guest Speaker: Rickey Vincent, educator and award-winning author, most recently of "Party Music: The Inside Story of the Black Panthers' Band and How Black Power Transformed Soul Music", educator, host of "Roots of Soul" on KPFA 

Keynote Speaker: Emory Douglas, renowned artist and former BPP Minister of Culture

Billy "X" Jennings, Panther historian and archivist; Dr. Tolbert Small, former coordinator Panther Free Health Clinics; Sister Sheba Haven, faculty member of the Panther Community School, Aaron Dixon, co-founder of the Seattle Chapter of the BPP, author, 2006 Candidate for Senate, producer Claude Marks, former Political Prisoner, founder of Freedom Archives, and others...

Tickets are limited and can be purchased at or at the door.

47th Black Panther Anniversary Celebration



1:OOpm:  Opening of Exhibit (runs for 3 days), Event Tickets &. Booklet Sales

6:00pm:  Welcome & introduction - Elbert "Big Man" Howard, one of the original founders of the BPP, first editor of the BPP Community Newspaper, former Deputy Minister of Information, former International Spokesperson for the BPP, life-long community & human rights activist, writer, lecturer

6:30pm:  Film Presentation: "Merritt College: Home of the Black Panthers" - award-winning documentary chronicles the birth of the Black Panther Party at Merritt College during the politically and socially turbulent times of the late 1960s. Features rare interviews with original Party members

7:30pm: Guest Speaker - Rickey Vincent, award-winning author ("Party Music: The Inside Story of the Black Panthers' Band and how Black Power Transformed Soul Music ", host of "The History of Funk" on KPFA-FM, educator, consultant & musicologist

8:30pm: Speaker - Billy "X" Jennings, former member BPP, BPP lecturer, historian and archivist

9:00pm:  Marletplace, Mix & Mingle, Book S!gnings



11:30am: Opening greeting - Morris Turner,  former member Merritt College (Grove Street) BSU, trained & served under BPP leadership, community activist, author, freelance writer.

!2:00pm: Speaker: Gail Shaw, MD, life-long human rights and community activist, former member of the National Committee to Combat Fascism - will include update on Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox of The Angola Three

!2:30pm:Speaker: Tolbert Small, MD, of the Harriet Tubman Medical Clinic, Oakland, CA, former BPP physician, founder of BPP medical clinics, life-long physician of and for the people, advocate, poet

1:OOpm:  Forum: "Unlock  the  Box" documents the use of long term Isolation as torture in America's prisons

3:00pm: Political Prisoner Workshop: Speakers: Claude Marks, community and prison rights activist, founder of Freedom Archives, and former Political Prisoner. Manuel La Fontaine, former prisoner and activist for prison rights with All of Us or None and the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition.

4:00 pm: Speaker: Aaron Dixon, co-founder of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party and former Captain, author "My People are Rising", founder of Central House, a nonprofit that provides transitional housing for youth, 2006 candidate for US Senate on the Green Party ticket.

4:30 pm: Film Presentation: "Fallen Comrades -Let Us Not Forget Our Comrades" -  a short film about the comrades who are no longer with us

5:00 pm: Film Presentation: "In the Land of the Free" - award-winning documentary, narrator is Samuel L. Jackson; tells the gripping story of former Black Panthers Robert King (released), Herman Wallace, and Albert Woodfox, men who have endured solitary confinement longer than any known living prisoners in the United States

7:00 pm: Mix and Mingle, Marketplace, Book Signings



11:30 am: Opening greeting - Elbert "Big Man" Howard

12:00 pm: Women's Workshop - Sister Sheba Haven, former BPP member, former instructor, BPP Community School, others TBA

1:00pm: Film Presentation: "Eyes of a Rainbow" - highlights the life of Assata Shakur, a former Panther, recently placed again on the FBI's most wanted list, who has been living in exile in Cuba since the 1970s

2:30 pm: Spoken Word - Meres-Sia Gabri El, teacher, author of "I Twirl in the Smoke", panther cub, others TBA

3:30 pm:  Film Presentation: "Urban Warrior in the African Bush" - documents the adult life of Charlotte O'Neal, Mama C, as she is known, a former member of the Kansas City Black Panther Party and her relocation 40 years ago to the Tanzanian village of Imbaseni

4:30 pm: Keynote Speaker: Emory Douglas, former BPP Minister of Culture, world-renowned artist and & human rights activist, world traveler and lecturer

5:00 pm: Film/Slide Presentation by Emory Douglas - includes short film "Polynesian Panthers" and a discussion of his recent journeys

5:45 pm: Closing: Elbert "Big Man" Howard

6:00 pm:  Book signings, Marketplace, Mix and Mingle


Contact person for this event is: Elbert "Big Man" Howard or call (901) 921-0493