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Ray Bottron isn’t talking...anymore

Ray Bottron isn’t talking...anymore

by Vesta Copestakes

Ray Bottron - Forestville, CA

As Lavonne Covington said...every town has a person we “know”, share time with, but don’t really know his story. Ray was our man about town. How many people did he engage in conversation? Hundreds?

He always had something to talk about, and usually found someone willing to engage with him. Every day he came downtown, spent hours walking and talking, then went home at night. Many of us assumed he lived with his family in the house next to the fire station.  Turns out...not so. He lived alone in a room he built in the garage when he moved to town to take care of his sister. She died years ago, and he’s lived there ever since.

Lavonne became his friend and caregiver by default. When he needed help shopping, she took him with her. When he needed someone to share time with, they played board games. When he needed medical attention, she took him to the doctor.

When Ray turned 90, his friends gave him a party at the Youth Park. He was strong and healthy and vibrant right to his death at 92. You lived well, Ray.