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OUR County, by Supervisor Efren Carrillo

OUR County, by Supervisor Efren Carrillo

Sonoma County, California

Supervisor Efren Carrillo can be contacted at (707) 565-2241

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THANKS for Giving - Sonoma County - Give Locally THANKS for Giving - Sonoma County - Give Locally
November 1, 2015
We asked our readers WHO do they support with their time and money - here is a list of ther choices to GIVE LOCALLY. You may add to this list any time - please send your suggestions to
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Sonoma County Taco Truck Sampler Sonoma County Taco Truck Sampler and Farmers Markets
July 31, 2015
Food trucks have become an excellent way to feed families without the expense that brick and mortar restaurants bring to eating out. Chefs can take to the roads, travel to different locations throughout the day and feed their fans on a tight budget. This is a win/win for everyone.
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Sonoma County Gazette July 2015 Sonoma County Gazette July 2015
July 1, 2015
For people who don't like the bother of recycling paper - here's our new issue in an easy to read format on your screen. If you still like to hold the paper in your hands, browse pages at random, sit at the brekfast table with a paper in front of you, etc etc etc. please pick a copy up at our more than 1,000 locations throughout Sonoma County. We LOVE where we LIVE and it shows....thanks for reading....
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Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide 2015 Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide 2015
February 23, 2015
WELCOME to our 12th Annual guide to supporting Sonoma County garden businesses. From Nurseries to Landscapers and Garden Clubs we have created as comprehensive a resource to locally-owned garden businesses as we can. This entire guide with Garden Calendar and updates all year kong is also available on its own website at Please feel free to let us know about a bsuiness we have may have missed so we can include them in our FREE listing under their category. Enjoy your garden and please support Sonoma County entrepreneurs.
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Sonoma County Roads - Report on Funding Sonoma County Roads - Report on Funding
June 19, 2012

A report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Roads presented at the Tuesday morning  Board of Supervisors meeting on June 19.

The following are initial observations about the Ad Hoc Road Report.

First, we compliment Supervisors Zane and Rabbitt and the Public Works staff for moving quickly after forming the Ad Hoc Committee on Roads to issue a report with recommendations to increase road funding and a plan to develop new sources of funding for repairing our roads.

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Sonoma County Fair Sonoma County Fair Inspires Creativity
June 13, 2012

2012 Sonoma County Fair Seeks Creative Workshops Leaders
New "Inspiration Stations" Spark Artistic Exploration

By Christy Gentry

When it comes to crafts and creativity, what are your biggest passions? Would you like to share those interests and skills with others? The 2012 Sonoma County Fair is excited to introduce "Inspiration Stations" and is currently seeking individuals and groups to lead short workshops on arts, hobbies, home crafts and other skills.

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Home caregivers deserve to earn a Living Wage Earning a LIVING Wage - Sonoma County Ordinance Proposal
March 5, 2015

A coalition of labor, faith, environmental, and community organizations has proposed a Living Wage Ordinance to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. Over the past year, the coalition has both lobbied the Supervisors and County staff, and conducted an extensive public education campaign.

The law would mandate an hourly wage of $15/hr. for all workers employed by the county, large county contractors and employers receiving county subsidies or leasing county property. 

More than 5,500 low-wage workers, including park aides, janitors, security guards, County Fair temp employees, and about 3,800 home-care providers, would receive wage increases.

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Sonoma County Groundwater recharge map Into the Future - Judie Messier Interviews Sonoma County
February 1, 2015

Last year, a woman from Seattle had spent enough time in Sonoma County that she became fascinated with how committed people are to our home, how much in love with Sonoma County so many people are, and how we approach conflicts that put us at odds with each other. 

Judie Messier is in the business of Conflict Resolution, so her fascination became a study in Sonoma County’s biggest issue - water. She approached Gazette community columnists and me, then embarked on a series of interviews with people who are in some way impacted by our water shortage, and for some - have the ability to shape how our county deals with water, water services, water conservation and water use.

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Sonoma County Report on Health and Community Sonoma County Report on Health and Community Well Being

May 22, 2014
The Sonoma County Department of Health Services report titled A Portrait of Sonoma County provides the first comprehensive in-depth look at the well being of each neighborhood in the county. The Portrait of Sonoma County, developed in partnership and consultation with over 50 community organizations and leaders, will serve as an invaluable tool for strategic planning, decision-making, and impact evaluation to ensure that all residents have an equal opportunity to succeed.
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Taylor Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Taylor Mountain Regional Park and Open Space approved
October 9, 2012
The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, acting concurrently as directors of the Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District, on Tuesday approved a comprehensive master plan for creating a regional park and open space preserve on the Taylor Mountain properties in southeast Santa Rosa. Over two years in the making, this blueprint for the Taylor Mountain Regional Park and Open Space Preserve details how to provide hiking, camping and other recreation opportunities and protect the environmental and agricultural value of the 1,100-acre site.
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Sonoma County Remains In a Deep Pot Hole Sonoma County Remains In a Deep Pot Hole
June 27, 2012

By Craig S. Harrison

On the first of May, a member of Save Our Sonoma Roads struck a pot hole that deployed an air bag and caused $3,000 in damages to her vehicle.  She was driving 25 mph, well below the speed limit.  The board of supervisors hearing on June 19th that discussed the comprehensive 31-page road report by the Ad Hoc Committee provides little reason to believe that that close encounters with pot holes will cease any time soon.

The good news is that the county maintenance budget, which was merely $5.3 million this year, will almost triple to $15.5 million in the fiscal year beginning July 1st.  This returns the county’s contribution for road maintenance from its general fund, adjusted for inflation, to the levels it spent in the late 1980s.  The decisions by supervisors for over 20 years to divert road maintenance funds to projects that seemed more interesting to them have reduced Sonoma County roads to their current abysmal condition.  Had road maintenance funding been maintained at an equivalent of $15 million per year during that period, the additional $120 million would surely have resulted in most county roads being in much better condition today.

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2012 Affordable Housing Hero - Harold C. Acguirre 2012 Affordable Housing Hero - Harold C. Acguirre
May 29, 2012

By Lori Houston

When you’re living paycheck to paycheck, an unexpected expense or turn of events such as an illness or injury can unravel your whole life. Sometimes even a few hundred bucks can mean the difference between making next month’s rent or losing your home.

In Sonoma County, a single local family has quietly helped families and individuals existing on that edge, giving more than $7 million since 1990 to keep as many as 45,000 people from homelessness.

The man responsible for this, Harold C. Aguirre, started what is known as the HCA Program based on his own direct experience witnessing the difference a few dollars can make to someone struggling to stay afloat. Administered by Community Action Partnership Sonoma County, the program provides up to $1,000 of one-time rent or mortgage assistance to families and individuals who have fallen on hard times.

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Applications Being Accepted for TeenNat Pepperwood’s Youth Summer Conservation Science Internship Applications Being Accepted for TeenNat Pepperwood’s Youth Summer Conservation Science Internship
March 1, 2017
While some teens will be spending their days playing video games, this summer young people at Pepperwood will have fun exploring the forests and grasslands, chaparral and ponds, all while collecting critical conservation data to be used by researchers around the world.
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Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County Radioland - KBBF 89.1 FM Bilingual Radio - Sonoma County
March 1, 2017
by Edgar Avila

Community Engagement Fair & Volunteering

On January 29th, KBBF was 1 of 103 activist and service organizations participating at the North Bay Community Engagement Fair at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds.  Of the thousands of people in attendance, many eagerly signed up to volunteer at the station.

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Roseland Review - by Duane De Witt Roseland Review - February 2017 - Duane Dewitt
February 2, 2017
by Duane De Witt

“To dismiss anger and frustration is to breed more anger and frustration. Even if someone is hateful, they should never be dismissed or ignored.” (Lynda Hopkins, Dec. 2016 Sonoma County Gazette). 

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Our County by Lynda Hopkins Our County by Lynda Hopkins
February 2, 2017
by Efren Carrillo

My first weeks in office have been quite the whirlwind! I am excited to announce that in our second board meeting of the year, the Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that will make ADUs -- accessory dwelling units, often called “granny units” -- easier and less expensive to build for the residents of unincorporated Sonoma County. This ordinance is one small step on the long journey towards affordable housing in our County. It will bring our County code into compliance with recently passed State legislation, and we believe that it will also open up low-impact affordable housing opportunities for residents.

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Community Input Needed on Law Enforcement Issues Community Input Needed on Law Enforcement Issues
February 1, 2017
Community members are invited to participate in a facilitated Community Engagement Circle with Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office deputies and staff from the Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO)...
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Roseland Review - by Duane De Witt Roseland Review - January 2017 - Duane Dewitt
January 4, 2017
by Duane De Witt

Alfred Lemay was killed at the intersection of Sebastopol Rd. and Dutton Ave. two nights before Thanksgiving as he was riding his motorcycle home from work as a school bus driver. 

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