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Live theater thrives in Sonoma County with stages in every city and even small towns. From entertaining musicals to deep dramas, performers bring entertainment into our lives in intimate theaters. Harry Duke and Greg and Suzanne Angeo review performances to Gazette readers.

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2017-08-09Aug 9, 2017

With apologies to PETA, it seems like you can’t swing a dead cat in Northern California these days without hitting a production of Chicago. The Kander and Ebb musical had a Pinole Community Players production in January, Santa Rosa’s SRT had it in July, it opens at Napa’s Lucky Penny in September a

2017-06-06Jun 6, 2017

If you haven’t had a chance in the last 104 years to check out the Mountain Play, now’s as good a time as any. This year brings an enjoyable production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast to the Cushing Memorial Amphitheater atop Mt. Tamalpais and while it’s a trek to get there, it’s a trek worth taking.

2017-05-16May 16, 2017

Big shot Broadway producer Jerry Cobb has a problem. He’s in desperate need of a big comedy hit to impress the Hollywood bigwigs and pave his way to fame and fortune on the left coast. He’s rented a suite in one of Arizona’s finest hotels where he and Charlie Bascher, his assistant, await the arrival of Broadway wunderkind playwright Danny “Nebraska” Jones. Things aren’t going well as there are slight temperature control issues with their rooms and things don’t get much better when Jones arrives. Seems that he is in a bit of a funk. He’s experienced a painful loss and his best idea for a comedy begins with a child being devoured by wolves. What lengths will producer Cobb, assistant Bascher and a surprise visitor go to in getting the script they want?

2017-05-14May 14, 2017

In recent years, when you entered the Spreckels Performing Arts Center’s Codding Theater you found yourself in an undersea world, or on the deck of the Titanic, or in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. Currently, you’ll find yourself in an African jungle as the Spreckels Theatre Company presents Disney’s Musical Tarzan, running now through May 21.

2017-04-28Apr 28, 2017

If you are a younger person who avoids theatre because you think it doesn’t speak to you in a language of music or movement or story that you speak in, there’s a show you should see.

2017-04-27Apr 27, 2017

Songs for a New World is not a typical piece of American musical theatre. There is no book or “story”, per se, with a standard beginning, middle and end. There are no characters to follow from Act I to Act II.  There are no lavish production numbers and set and costuming are minimal.

2017-04-27Apr 27, 2017

FILM: When I think of May, the first thing that pops up in my mind is Mother’s Day. I am very fortunate that my mom loves movies almost as much as I do so our tradition is to go to a movie on Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day, Goldie Hawn will star in her first movie in 15 years!

2017-04-21Apr 21, 2017

Anyone who doubts the emotional and cathartic power of live theater needs to see Cloverdale Performing Arts Center's production of Agnes of God by John Pielmeier. Directed by Amy Lovato, the play is a fascinating character study of three women as they confront their own demons and desires in search of truth.

2017-04-03Apr 3, 2017

There’s a nice, little show running in the 6th Street Playhouse Studio Theatreright now. You’ve probably never heard of it, though it’s been around a little over 20 years.

2017-04-01Apr 1, 2017

A title like The Sugar Bean Sisters may conjure up images of sweet Southern belles, mint julips, or quaint sibling rivalries that end in hugs, forgiveness and tears. Perhaps it invokes memories of the female singing groups of by-gone days like the Andrews Sisters.

2017-04-01Apr 1, 2017

Opening April 7: “Going in Style” which is a remake of the George Burns movie from the ‘70s. This one stars the awesome Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin.

2017-08-05Aug 5, 2017

According to IMDB, the budget for 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens was an estimated $245,000,000.00. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here in saying the budget for the Redwood Theatre Company’s production ofBrittany Law’s original musical parody The Farce Awakens was about 1/245,000,000th of that. Cardboard sets, Super Soakers for ray guns, and a droid costume consisting of an oversized t-shirt and bike helmet equal a show with production values that would make Edward D. Wood, Jr. blush.

2017-02-10Feb 10, 2017

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center opens its 10th season with the Neil Simon comedy,Rumors. It's a good choice since Simon is so reliable. We know we're going to laugh, be entertained and not have to over think in order to enjoy the play. 

2017-07-30Jul 30, 2017

KBBF is rising to the challenge to navigate audiences through these difficult political times. As part of the station’s goal to connect with the community and represent it well, Alicia Sánchez, Andre Andrus, Alan Bloom attended theNational Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB)conference in Denver in July.

2017-06-28Jun 28, 2017

Flynn Creek Circus, Mendocino County’s own charmingly nostalgic, surprisingly fresh all human circus, will be raising their vintage big top tent in Santa Rosa for shows July 7-9th.

2017-06-26Jun 26, 2017

One of the largest Civil War reenactments west of the Mississippi and the largest in Northern California is returning to Freezeout Canyon in the charming town of Duncans Mills, California, on the Russian River.

2017-06-21Jun 21, 2017

George M. Cohan was known as “the man who owned Broadway” in the first two decades of the twentieth century. A prolific playwright and composer of hundreds of songs, today he’s mostly known as the answer to the trivia question “Whose statue can be found opposite Times Square between 45th and 47th Street?” He is considered by many to be the father of the American musical, which is why he deserves a better show about him than the one written by Michael Stewart and John & Francine Pascal.

2017-06-16Jun 16, 2017

To the gentle call of seagulls and the sound of waves washing against the shore, we settle comfortably into upholstered chairs, our drinks resting in their handy holders, when BANG! – the stage alights in a tempestuous storm and grand chaos aboard a ship, soon to be wrecked on Prospero’s island.

2017-06-11Jun 11, 2017

The frenetic pace of this farce does not distract from how funny it is. The faultless timing of the 9 actors in this ensemble work speaks not only of their undeniable talent but of Director Avi Lind's skill in bringing it all together. This performance by Curtain Call's theatrical company, run by West County's dynamic duo of production, Michael Tabib and Dennis O'Shea, should not be missed.

2017-06-08Jun 8, 2017

First produced in Baltimore in 1995, it opened off-Broadway in 1997 and closed after a scant 29 performances. Despite its lack of success, the show has become a staple of community theatre, no doubt playing off the goodwill and sense of nostalgia that many people have for childhood amusements. That goodwill is tested.

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