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Recipes for Seasonal Food

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2018-02-05Feb 5, 2018

The Tomato History has origins traced back to the early Aztecs around 700 A.D; therefore it is believed that the tomato is native to the Americas.

2017-09-27Sep 27, 2017

Hieroglyphics, carved some 4,600 years ago, reveal the Egyptian pharaohs penchant for mushrooms. The pharaohs were so enamored of them, they decreed mushrooms to be fit for royal mouths only and as a sign of immortality.

2018-02-02Feb 2, 2018

The spoon was certainly the earliest and most significant eating implement used by people in ancient times. Antiquated spoons in China had a pointy end, used as a one pronged fork or knife.

2018-01-04Jan 4, 2018

Primitive mankind lived in harmony and in balance with nature. For a million years or more our nomad ancestors lived on a wide range of wild fruits, leaves and seeds.

2017-12-29Dec 29, 2017

Leeks are the upper class relative in the onion family. Onions are considered to be more harsh, or even low-brow. Leeks have a more upscale appeal. The flavor is thought to be more subtle and sweet than the average onion.


2017-11-24Nov 24, 2017

The holiday season always makes me happy for citrus season. As young adults, my brother and I would give citrus as gifts. Not having much money, it makes a great gift.

2017-11-21Nov 21, 2017

Culinary lore claims that an early version of the fruit cake was placed on the tombs of loved ones, by the ancient Egyptians. This was to provide nourishment throughout the deceased’s eternal journey.

2017-10-25Oct 25, 2017

As we head towards Thanksgiving, I believe most in Sonoma County agree that we have lots to be thankful this year. We are all beaming with love for our first responders and firefighters and everyone who joined in to ease a very difficult situation when the fires erupted on October 9th.

2017-10-23Oct 23, 2017

America has a long history of civilians volunteering heroically during times of crises. Early settlers pooled their resources to survive their new surroundings. Homesteaders, during the country’s westward expansion, worked together to safeguard their livelihood.

2017-09-28Sep 28, 2017

With October's arrival we welcome squash season. For this month's article as I researched squash I realized there are so many options; from pumpkin to delicata to butternut to spaghetti squash. It seems a comprehensive list of varieties for winter squash to look for at the farmers' markets while you are shopping.

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