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2017-11-24Nov 24, 2017

Saturn changes sign about every 2-3 years. It’s been in Sagittarius since December 2014, with a brief return to Scorpio from June-September 2015. This month it will enter Capricorn.

2017-10-23Oct 23, 2017

Five planets will be transiting through Scorpio at some point this month, including the New Moon. Scorpio is a sign that gets a lot of bad press, often for valid reasons.

2017-09-27Sep 27, 2017

Jupiter changes signs every year. This is the month that Jupiter enters a new sign, leaving Libra and going into Scorpio on October 10. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion.

2017-09-01Sep 1, 2017

People have been observing the movement of the planets for thousands of years. For most of that time we have been able to track 5 five heavenly bodies, plus the Sun and Earth’s Moon with accuracy and predictability. Astrologers have constructed a system in which planetary movement has been correlated to human activities and events.

2017-07-30Jul 30, 2017

An eclipse takes place when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are all in alignment. There are usually four eclipses that occur each year. Two are full Moon lunar eclipses, when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon.

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