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Sonoma Clean Power Authority Created


Sonoma Clean Power Authority Created

Clearing Way for Next Steps in Developing a Community Choice Aggregation Program

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Water Agency Board of Directors today approved several actions to move forward with the development of a Community Choice Aggregation Program (Sonoma Clean Power) in Sonoma County.   The Sonoma Clean Power Program would allow one or more cities and/or counties to purchase and provide power generation services to customers within a defined service area. 

Board of Supervisors and Water Agency Chair Shirlee Zane said, “The steps taken today by our Board will move us forward with developing the final pieces needed to make a determination regarding the Sonoma Clean Power Program.  Sonoma Clean Power can provide multiple benefits to our community.  These include greenhouse gas reductions resulting from greener, less carbon-intensive energy sources as well as job creation through the implementation of local efficiency and power projects, and local control.”

Joint Power Authority Created

The Board approved creating a Joint Powers Authority creating the Sonoma Clean Power Authority.  The five members of the Board of Supervisors and Water Agency Board of Directors will initially act as the directors of the Authority until additional municipalities decide to participate in the Authority.  The Water Agency will continue to provide staffing services during the interim period until the Sonoma Clean Power Program becomes operational and the Authority generates funding.


The Board approved adopting an ordinance authorizing implementation of a Community Choice Aggregation Program.  Before a program can be implemented in a particular jurisdiction, California law requires the entity electing to implement the program to do so by adoption of an ordinance.

Marin Energy Authority Funding Agreement

The Board approved a $50,000 funding agreement with the Marin Energy Authority to provide consulting services to the Sonoma Clean Power Authority during the upcoming program process.  The Marin Energy Authority is a Community Choice Aggregation Program that has been successfully launched in Marin County.  The agreement will allow the Sonoma Clean Power Authority to have the benefit of Marin’s experience and information during the implementation process.

About Sonoma Clean Power: 

 The Sonoma Clean Power Program would allow one or more cities and/or counties to form a service area that provides for the purchase of power generation of customers within that service area. Transmission, distribution, customer service and billing remain the same, delivered through the existing utility (PG&E). Customers within this service area can opt out of participating in the Program and continue to receive their power generation services through the existing utility.  Some of the benefits of the Sonoma Clean Power Program include:

· Increased renewable energy use – The Program can choose to develop and deliver increased levels of renewable power.

· Local economic benefits – Stimulate the local economy by emphasizing the purchase of locally generated renewable power.  Utility revenues could remain local rather than be sent to a distant utility and shareholders.

· Local control – The governing board of the Program would be comprised of local elected officials.

·  Substantial greenhouse gas reduction – By providing increased levels of renewable energy a Program can result in significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the service area.

Learn more about Sonoma Clean Power at or contact Program Manager Cordel Stillman at 707-547-1900 or


Sonoma County Water Agency provides water supply, flood protection and sanitation services for portions of Sonoma and Marin counties. Visit us on the Web at

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