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Sonoma County Home Towns: Community Columns February 2017


Sonoma County Home Towns: Community Columns
February 2017

Welcome to the Sonoma County Gazette Community Columns!

Sonoma County is home to diverse individuals in towns with personalities, politics and climate unique to each community. These columns, written by volunteers who are dedicated to their communities, are an excellent example of how wonderful Sonoma County is call home. 

Select a column below to view column articles.

Bodega Bay
Bodega Bay Beat - February 2017
CONTACT Joan Poulos -

Camp Meeker
Camp Meeker Beat - February 2017
CONTACT Tom Austin -

Cazadero Communications - February 2017
CONTACT Natasha Pehrson -

Cloverdale Comments - February 2017

CONTACT Carol Russell and Reece Foxen -

Cotati Heart & Soul -  February 2017
CONTACT Deborah Taylor-French - 

Forestville - The Good Life - January 2017
CONTACT Richard Naegle -

Geyserville Grapevine - January 2017

CONTACT deTraci Regula -

Grassroots Graton - February 2017

CONTACT Heather Granahan -

Guerneville Groove - February 2017

CONTACT Beth Rudometkin -

Healdsburg Highlights - February 2017
CONTACT Barbara Barielle -

Jenner Jottings - February 2017 
CONTACT Tim McKusick - 

Monte Rio
Monte Rio Musings - February 2017

CONTACT Chuck Ramsey -

North Sonoma Coast
North Coast Winds -   February 2017
CONTACT Robin Joy -

Occidental Oriented -  February 2017
CONTACT MacKenzie Nekton at 

Penngrove Station -  February 2017

CONTACT Lyndi Brown at

Petaluma Playground
CONTACT Vesta Copestakes at

Rio Nido
Rio Nido Magic - February 2017
CONTACT Elena Chronic at

Roseland Review - February 2017
CONTACT Duane Dewitt at

Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa Snippets -  February 2017

CONTACT Elaine B. Holtz at 

Rohnert Park
Rohnert Park Ripples -  January 2017
CONTACT Jud Snyder at

Sebastappeal -   February 2017

CONTACT Sarah Glade Gurney at

Sonoma Valley
Agua Caliente, Boyes and Fetter Hot Springs, El Verano
Springs Splash - January 2017

CONTACT Thomas Martin - 

Savory Sonoma -  February 2017
CONTACT Stephanie Hiller at

What's Up in Windsor? - February 2017
CONTACT Tina Castelli -



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