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Do You Live in a Sonoma County Watershed?


Do You Live in a Sonoma County Watershed?

By Wendy Nicholson

This question and others are answered in a new 10-part series airing now on KRCB Public Television 22.

The series of ten videos titled Our Watershed Stories is the culmination of a year-long partnership between KRCB North Bay Public Media and the Sonoma County Water Agency, North Bay Watershed Association and Russian River Watershed Association who have underwritten the production of the series. The 90-second chapters spotlight the following watersheds and waterways: 

Chapter 1: The Russian River

Chapter 2:  Dry Creek

Chapter 3:  Santa Rosa Creek

Chapter 4: Laguna de Santa Rosa

Chapter 5:  Novato Creek

Chapter 6:  Petaluma River

Chapter 7:  Napa River

Chapter 8:  Sonoma Creek

Chapter 9:  Dutch Bill Creek

Chapter 10: Answers the general question "What is a Watershed?"

Using a documentary approach, each segment focuses on a specifically identified watershed area and a designated theme that this particular watershed exemplifies. The varied stories (from rural to urban, from rainwater to wastewater, et al.) are framed in order to underscore how local watershed issues affect the larger system. In other words, no matter where a North Bay viewer may reside, each chapter will help to answer this fundamental question: "How am I connected to the watershed, and how is it connected to me?"

KRCB North Bay Public Media President & CEO, Nancy Dobbs remarked, “KRCB is delighted to be the producer of this public education series which meets the mission of public media and will have a lasting positive effect on our fragile North Bay ecosystem.”

“The goal of this public education series is to increase community awareness about what a watershed is and how it functions as a part of a dynamic environment; additionally it will provide information on how to best protect our watersheds using a variety of pollution prevention strategies,” said Water Agency Chairwoman Shirlee Zane. “I am so happy to see this partnership come together to produce an entertaining and informative public education tool.”

All ten segments as well as links to additional local watershed information are available online at