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Apple Roots Group Protests at Paul Hobbs Winery


Apple Roots Group Protests
at Paul Hobbs Winery

Monday, July 29, noon to 2 p.m. 

Picket to oppose Paul Hobbs’ apple orchard conversion to a chemical vineyard on Watertrough Road in the Sebastopol countryside. This would expose 700 school children--as well as teachers, staff, families, and workers--to known toxic chemicals. A Stop Work order has already been made because of serious damage to the environment. To continue this conversion would further contaminate the nearby stream and environment.

“Paul Hobbs is a vintner of, by and for the wealthy 1%,” said Apple Roots activist Thomas Cooper. “Hobbs is a repeat offender who cuts down trees and damages the environment. Greet the scheduled 1:30 p.m. wine tasters at the gate with a picket.”

“We have many good grape growers and wineries here in Sonoma County,” added Apple Roots activist Shepherd Bliss. “Buy your wine from them. The Gravenstein apple harvest is also just starting, except on the 40-acre orchard Hobbs converted. Get your Gravs while you can, before they are gone, and support food agriculture.”

On the day after this direct action, July 30, participants will be speaking at the Board of Supervisors meeting around 2 p.m. to once again express their concerns with the loss of acreage of food farming to vineyards.

Background: CBS evening news, July 23, report from the vineyard                 

Our Demands:

1) Revoke Watertrough orchard conversion permit. Wrong place for vineyard.

2) Moratorium on new vineyards in Sonoma County.

3) Conventional Vineyards adopt organic or bio-dynamic practices or use Integrated Pest Management countywide. See link: 

4) Review the issue of land use for vineyards at the expense of our water, wildlife, and diverse food agriculture.




If you don’t like it, buy it from them and turn it into whatever you want.  Aside from that keep picketing as is your right or go away. 
Not one of the 1% by a long shot, I just enjoy the freedom to drink like one.
Scott Burchell