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Politics and Social Issues

Politics and Social Issues

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Gold Coast - Sonoma County Sonoma Coast Beach Access Concerns
March 2, 2016
We are blessed to have the opportunities to observe these wonders of Nature, right here in our home county. And equally blessed for not having to ‘feed the meter’ for the privilege. Thanks to local volunteers and organizations such as the Stewards of The Coast and Redwoods (Stewards), the newly rebuilt/refurbished boat launch ramp area, visitor center and public bathrooms on the River at Jenner are Open! Free! No Charge! 
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Sonoma County - 1942 - 2011 airel map Sonoma County - Update on NOW - 2015 State of the County
February 1, 2015

Each year in January, the Board of Supervisors sets our priorities for the coming year. We capture the accomplishments of the past year; review the challenges that were addressed, refocus on those long term issues remaining, and include any new issues that may have arisen during the prior year. The County’s theme for this year is building strong foundations for the future. 

In 2014 we battled through yet another year of drought, as well as an earthquake that shook our homes that reminded us both of our fragility and our strengths. Today Sonoma County has one of the strongest economies in the State. We are tackling legacy challenges and making major investments that provide the foundation for our next generations. Needs remain high, but opportunities persist. We have made strategic investments targeted at the board’s priorities in making smart investments in our community. 

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Sonoma County Summer FUN - Last Hoorah Sonoma County Summer FUN - Last Hoorah
August 1, 2014
BELOW is our Centerspread SCHEDULE of Summer Events to enjoy! You can also DOWNLOAD the AUGUST editon for our centerspread calendar!
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Whats LOVE got to do with it - EVERYTHING Whats LOVE got to do with it - EVERYTHING
January 31, 2014
It’s February so we like to focus on LOVE...specifically love that is NOT romantic love - ALL the other kinds of love. Love of Community - Love of Family. Love is a commitment of time and energy. It’s also opening ourselves to being vulnerable - to disappointment  if our expectations are not met - to potential loss and pain. 
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2014 - Where do we go from Here? 2014 - Where do we go from Here?
January 2, 2014
I have my own Wish List of change I’d like to see and it will take longer than a few years to accomplish. We all have ways in which we can make our planet better for all life...perhaps a New Year’s resolution in that direction would yield some results. We can try.
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Planning Our Future - Plan Bay Area Planning Our Future - Plan Bay Area
May 2, 2013

By Dennis Rosatti

Few everyday citizens have reason to engage in regional government, even though the decisions these government bodies are making impact all of us in the Bay Area.

Our appointed local elected representatives come together to discuss problems, solutions and strategies to upcoming challenges and issues that cross local boarders. The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), Metropolitan Transportation District (MTC), Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), and San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority (SFBRA) are not likely to be conversation pieces around the dinner table, and they rarely find their way into the local newspapers with issues of interest. The average person probably doesn’t even realize that many of these government entities exist, let alone know what they do or understand how to engage in a process that might benefit their neighborhood or local town.  

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Homeless Camp Michela Leader - John WHO are the Homeless in Sonoma County?
January 1, 2016
Another CODE BLUE warning is posted and I can’t help but think of the people I met recently. My house is warm.  Temperatures are plummeting into the 20s at night. Ice everywhere.
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Naomi Metz with her wife Jennifer Foley 3rd Time's a Charm Celebrating the Supreme Court Decision on Gay Marriage
July 1, 2015
Metz and Foley tied the knot for the third time on August 1, 2008 in Sonoma County.  This was, by no means, the end of the story.
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Winery Event Center Backlash Grows in Rural Communities - Sonoma - Napa - Marin Counties Winery Event Center Backlash Grows in Rural Communities
July 1, 2015
They used to call it God’s Country and then the Redwood Empire during the logging years. After a planting spree in the 1990’s, when vineyard acreage more than doubled to more than 60,000 acres, Sonoma County was rebranded appropriately as Wine Country. This boom created a frenzy of activity, the rampant overdevelopment of wineries and event centers, 90% of which are now located in our rural areas – that’s 439 facilities.
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Home caregivers deserve to earn a Living Wage Earning a LIVING Wage - Sonoma County Ordinance Proposal
March 5, 2015

A coalition of labor, faith, environmental, and community organizations has proposed a Living Wage Ordinance to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. Over the past year, the coalition has both lobbied the Supervisors and County staff, and conducted an extensive public education campaign.

The law would mandate an hourly wage of $15/hr. for all workers employed by the county, large county contractors and employers receiving county subsidies or leasing county property. 

More than 5,500 low-wage workers, including park aides, janitors, security guards, County Fair temp employees, and about 3,800 home-care providers, would receive wage increases.

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Sonoma County Report on Health and Community Sonoma County Report on Health and Community Well Being

May 22, 2014
The Sonoma County Department of Health Services report titled A Portrait of Sonoma County provides the first comprehensive in-depth look at the well being of each neighborhood in the county. The Portrait of Sonoma County, developed in partnership and consultation with over 50 community organizations and leaders, will serve as an invaluable tool for strategic planning, decision-making, and impact evaluation to ensure that all residents have an equal opportunity to succeed.
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Politics of Broadband Internet Service Politics of Broadband Internet Service
January 2, 2014

There is a monumental battle currently being waged between Verizon and the FCC in the U.S Court of Appeals in Washington DC. At stake is whether the Internet will remain free and open.  

Susan Crawford, co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard and who supports the FCC’s position states “The question… is, does the U.S. government have any role to play when it comes to ensuring ubiquitous, open, world-class, interconnected, reasonably priced Internet access?”

Every citizen has a stake in the outcome of this case. The telecom industry strongly supports Verizon—the largest mobile network operator in the nation with over 119 million subscribers. If Verizon prevails, competition among both service providers and content providers would be controlled by the telecom companies that own the “pipes” through which the content flows.

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Rohnert Park WalMart Superstore Pubic Hearing Rohnert Park WalMart Superstore Public Hearing
January 11, 2013

Living Wage Coalition Action Alert:

On Thursday, January 24th at 6 pm (at Rohert Park City Hall 130 Avram St.) the Rohnert Park planning commission will consider again a proposal to expand the existing Wal-Mart discount store to become a supercenter. Please save the date!!

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Fees at FREE Sonoma County Beaches? Iron Ranger Fee Stations on Sonoma Coast Parks
August 15, 2012
The issue of Iron Rangers at our public parks was open for public review until August 21st. The California's Department of Parks and Recreation submitted an application to install 14 Iron Ranger fee stations on the Sonoma Coast. This LINK ( will allow you to review the application. You can stay updated on this issue at the  SurfRider site
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Homeless man living out of a grocery cart Ending Homlessness in Sonoma County by 2025
January 1, 2016
The faces of the people living “on the streets” of Sonoma County aren’t the faces we see in the mirror. Although we don’t recognize or often acknowledge them, the people who are unsheltered are, in fact, a part of our community. A forgotten and often scorned part of the community, they struggle to survive. Whether by factors beyond their control – untreated diseases, financial calamity, or past traumatic experiences – or for other reasons, people who are homeless are often stigmatized.
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Homeless - Unsheltered Sonoma County Junior Commission on Human Rights Forum on Homelessness
March 21, 2017

The Sonoma County Junior Commission on Human Rights believes that shelter is a human right, and are committed to fighting to end homelessness in our own community.  They believe the first steps to solutions are advocacy and awareness.  The Commission’s Homelessness Committee, made up of high school students, are hosting a forum to address concerns at Chops Teen Club on Wednesday, March 29th from 5:00 to 6:30.

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Homeless Fix-it man Russian River community seeks Solutions to Homeless & Loitering
March 20, 2017

River communities attract people for many reasons. We become tourist attractions because it's beautiful here. Water draws people to swim, boat, frolic and just enjoy. It also provides lovely places to hide in the bushes for privacy near a body of water that provides cleanliness and life support. Camping in the woods is either a vacation or a lifestyle. For many it's not a choice, it's a necessity.
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Homes for the Homeless – A Better Way Homes for the Homeless – A Better Way - March 25
March 19, 2017
Creative solutions to homelessness in Sonoma County is the focus of the last film in the Shomrei Torah Social Action Goes to the Movies film series at 7pm on Saturday, March 25 at Congregation Shomrei Torah, 2600 Bennett Valley Road in Santa Rosa. Theme of this year’s film series is “Sparks of Hope-Healing through Innovation and Creativity.” 
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Smoking Oxycontin Oxycontin - stealing young lives - a mothers warning
March 16, 2017
My son is missing. I haven’t heard from him for weeks. He is in his mid twenties, a handsome blue-eyed blonde with a winning smile and a great laugh. He is talented and smart, and a great person through and through.
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River Community Advocates River Community Advocates support DRY Shelters for Homeless
March 16, 2017

The Community Alliances would like to announce our stance on any proposed homeless service center.

We would like to start by being very clear that we are neither for nor against any proposed service center at any proposed location at this time. We reserve the right to change that position as information changes, specifically after the town meeting being planned by Supervisor Lynda Hopkins on March 29th at 6pm at the Guerneville Elementary school, when/where everyone's voices can be heard.  We are encouraging the community to come up with constructive ideas in the event a service center is opened somewhere within our community.  It is our hope to try and change the conversation from a divisive one, to let's all work together and fix this as a community.

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