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The Sonoma County Gazette is 100% Sonoma County LOCAL NEWS. We feature articles and columns Written by Readers on political and social issues that impact our home and need attention, news from local non-profits and government and stories on local businesses. The Gazette educates with articles, and inspires readers to actively participate in community life.

We publish Resource Guides to Sonoma County-owned businesses throughout the year, both in print and online: Small Shops of Sonoma County that comes out in December; the Sonoma County Gardener's Resource Guide (also on the web at comes out in March; and our Vacation at Home summer series runs June, July & August. The Gazette educates with articles, and inspires readers to get to know our community better. 

The Sonoma County Gazette is 100% advertiser supported and FREE to readers. Our advertisers are why this paper exists. I encourage readers to support the businesses that support this paper. Ads are placed with editorial in good positions on the outside of pages. Providing advertisers with good graphic design and layout in the publication is part of how the Gazette supports Sonoma County business owners. Our paper is attractive so people pick it up, the layout is clean and easy to read so people spend time on our pages, and ads are designed so reader's eyes are drawn to them. Supporting the success of our advertisers is key to this paper's success.

The Sonoma County Gazette continues to grow and gain respect from readers because of its unique perspective on news...proud to be 100% opinion...representing the values and priorities of our communities. For a current list of where to pick up a copy of the print edition at almost 900 newsstands and local businesses, please visit Find the Gazette. We print and distribute 34,000 magazines County-Wide from Cloverdale to Petaluma and Sonoma to the Coast, estimating our print and on-line readership at approximately 130,000 readers.